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Google opens up Android Instant Apps to all developers

20 Mai 2017

We are heading into that time of the year when excitement about the next Android operating system gradually increases.

Additionally, Android O will also come with TensorFlow Lite tech, some pertinent security enhancements, new developer tools, and a new programming language.

We're not sure if the current roll-out if only for certain devices that are certain Android versions.

Operating system optimisations will make the boot time on Android twice as fast, according to Google, while "extensive changes to runtime" will make all Android apps faster by default.

So with the new Android version users will get better notifications experience with Notification Dots.

The new updates to the console bring a whole new degree of control for developers, and features that are bound to benefit users by helping developers find trouble spots in their apps. Apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Google Maps are supported. Instead, he said, companies are likely to focus on making "whatever screen you're looking at more personal and a lot more meaningful to you as an individual". In addition to Deezer, Pandora, Soundcloud, and others it will soon support free music streaming from Spotify, and with the addition of Bluetooth, it will be able to play music from a nearby Android or iOS device.

The company has announced a new feature called Google Lens, which uses image recognition and your smartphone's camera to give you information about whatever you're looking at. We'll learn much more about TensorFlow Lite as Google I/O progresses.

For, a look at Amazon and Flipkart, the two prominent e-retailers in India (which we suspect is going to serve up a decent dollop of the Next Billion) reveals that there already are a number of devices with relatively low prices (around United States dollars 100) that are running full versions of Android.

The Google Play Store already had a feature called 'Verify apps' which would analyze an app before it's installed onto your device for potential threats.

Google's Doze mode in Android Marshmallow and Nougat helped preserve precious battery life by keeping your phone in a lowered power state when in your pocket, but now Android O promises to do even more to prevent apps from wasting your charge. Google says that "Play Protect continuously works to keep your device, data and apps safe".

After Microsoft's Build 2017 (May 10th-12th, in Seattle, WA) and Facebook F8 (April 18th and 19th, in San Jose, CA), now it's Google's turn with the Google I/O conference 2017-after which will follow Apple'sWWDC 2017 (from June 5th to 9th, in San Jose, CA).

Google opens up Android Instant Apps to all developers