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Huge, Unprecedented Ransomware Attack Hits Around the Globe

20 Mai 2017

The newspaper argued the high costs led Britain's National Health Service - one of the first victims of the WannaCry attack - to not proceed with updates.

The disruption to NHS systems was mostly contained by early this week and, it turns out, much of what was widely postulated at the start of the outbreak ended up not being correct.

"Most of the Indian organisations are still vulnerable to the attacks since the sophistication of these cyber threats is going up and many of Indian organisations including private and public sector still use outdated operating systems which make it easy for the cyber attackers to compromise the systems".

One hopes that WannaCrypt has taught at least a few computer users an important lesson about software security. System administrators should ensure that employees don't have unnecessary access to parts of the network that aren't critical to their work. "They're just a huge organisation which has had insufficient investment in computer security over the years".

"More action is needed, and it's needed now", he said. It leveraged an exploit - a tool created to take advantage of a security hole - leaked in a batch of hacking tools believed to belong to the NSA.

Europol's European Cybercrime Centre said that anyone hit by ransomware should use the unlocking tools provided at, a free resource developed by Europol in partnership with the Dutch police and other industry partners.

The good news is that Javelin's software was able to prevent the spread of WannaCry on their customers' computers, right out of the gate, explained Abutbul. And while Microsoft had already released a security update to patch the vulnerability one month earlier, the sequence of events fed speculation that the NSA hadn't told the us tech giant about the security risk until after it had been stolen. "We need governments to consider the damage to civilians that comes from hoarding these vulnerabilities and the use of these exploits". Caught between the need to protect their own country's digital data and stealing data from other countries and any individuals thought to be suspicious, national cybersecurity agencies have developed tools that can compromise the digital security of nearly anyone.

Amidst reports that India is among the worst affected countries by the WannaCry ransomware attack, the Indian government has shut down some Automated Teller Machine (ATMs) all over the country as a preventive measure against the cyber attack.

Microsoft's general support policy is to provide patches and feature updates for operating systems in mainstream support, while operating systems in extended support are limited to bug fixes. Anyone running XP is definitely low-hanging hacker fruit. He noted, however, the complexity that can be involved in patching a security hole. Individuals postpone updates too. Microsoft released a patch for the flaw in March after hackers stole the exploit from the NSA.

All of which went towards creating an infuriating, worldwide mess.

Microsoft, Apple Inc., and others have pushed back against efforts by those agencies to seek technical backdoors in their products to monitor targets, because the tech companies fear the perception of complicity with the USA government could alienate customers in the US and overseas.

We now need an global, public debate.

But Scott Vernick, a data security lawyer at Fox Rothschild that represents companies, said he was skeptical that WannaCry would produce a flood of consumer lawsuits. Governments must do better than this.

Huge, Unprecedented Ransomware Attack Hits Around the Globe