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LG And GE To Add Support For Google Assistant In Their Appliances

20 Mai 2017

Android O devices having 1GB or less memory (RAM) packed with the above mentioned features will start shipping in 2018. Which devices are now supported? The operating system has seen success in smartphones, tablets, watches, TVs and now cars too. The example Bhat used was USA pharmaceutical giant Walgreens, whose customers can now link their Balance Rewards loyalty account with their phone number if they wish to receive loyalty points through Android Pay. Google was very keen to show some form of machine intelligence in nearly every presentation including the newly announced Google Lens, an image recognition technology that will enable phones to identify what they're taking a picture of. Instead, they utilize their own apps that integrate with Google Assistant (and in most cases, with Amazon's Alexa as well). In that time, it has grown to surpass platforms that were introduced decades ago.

Another year, another milestone, and this week Google has revealed to everyone how many devices feature Android at its I/O conference, and the number ain't small.

Google's annual developer conference, Google IO, has showcased some of the company's latest breakthroughs and given an insight into what we can expect from the tech giant in future.

Play Protect will scan apps through the day as it keeps getting updated, and will identify about 50 million apps installed to compare their behaviour. While this UI change isn't Android specific, it will definitely make any Gmail user's life easier-regardless of what phone or operating system you use.

Through machine learning, the feature will detect apps that behave unusually and remove them from the device. That means if you have a more limited internet package you can make it go further with Android Go and the light apps it highlights. The measures will add up to a more dependable smartphone experience.

The company's new OS, Android O, is also available in beta. If you have a Nexus 5X or a Nexus 6P, the update will be downloaded and the phone will restart to flash the update.

How will Android Go work?

The company is making optimisations to the system UI and the kernel of the Android Go to enable it to run smoothly on devices with as low as 512MB of RAM. It's aimed primarily at developing regions where budget handsets remain the most popular. You can point the camera at a restaurant's storefront and get its rating, point the camera at a flower and you will know the species, let your device see a concert poster through the Lens and you will get the videos and songs of that band, most importantly, if you aim the camera at a Wi-Fi login credentials you phone will automatically use it and connect you to the network.

Google believes it can lead the way in AI largely because it has built a very big network of data centers with billions of computers scattered around the world.

LG And GE To Add Support For Google Assistant In Their Appliances