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Melania Trump to join president for first foreign trip

20 Mai 2017

And the idea that it would help fix relations with the news media or encourage better, fairer coverage is obviously a total fantasy.

The seemingly nonstop avalanche since Trump was inaugurated has threatened to hobble his presidency.

He will be accompanied by First Lady Melania Trump for the eight-day, five-country itinerary, which includes stops in the symbolic homes of three Abrahamic religions. The existence of a memo Comey reportedly wrote after a February meeting with Trump at the White House came to light this week.

From Saudi Arabia, Trump will move on to Israel, where he will have meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and meet Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas in the West Bank.

A speech was added in Saudi Arabia to provide an "inspiring yet direct" message to the Islamic world, according to national security adviser H.R. McMaster.

KEITH: Well, President Trump had previously said that he thought North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was obsolete. Trump denounced Francis during the campaign, calling the holiest man in the Catholic faith "disgraceful" for questioning his faith.

"I think he needs to keep his mind on what is going to be a very important trip", said former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, a Democrat, on CNN's "New Day" on Thursday. If the president is engaged in obstruction of justice, partially through his lies to the public, then aides who knowingly lie are implicated as well. He is no longer expected to do a daily, on-camera briefing after Trump's foreign trip, which begins Friday, the officials said.

A sense of fatigue and despondence has set in as White House officials wait for new balls to drop. And go back to the '90s.

He said questions from his foreign audiences included "How close are we to a dictatorship?" "That's all this is".

Those hopes were dashed by news of the special prosecutor, which was ordered by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in a letter Wednesday.

Vice President Mike Pence has tiptoed gingerly through the chaos engulfing the White House - offering loyalty to his boss, while trying to avoid the spreading stain of scandal. Late Monday, reporters could hear senior aides shouting from behind closed doors as they discussed how to respond after Washington Post reporters informed them of an article they were writing that first reported the news about the president's divulging of intelligence. "This wasn't part of his briefing, so therefore to suggest that therefore he revealed it is impossible". Again and again, they have tried to push forward with their agenda, only to see news reports dominated by near-daily leaks.

Each stop comes with high stakes.

Take this appearance, for example, when she said there's "no proof" Trump fired Comey because of anything related to Russian Federation - after Trump literally said he considered it.

If allies can't trust the American president, what political capital does he have to tackle thorny global issues, like trade, Mideast peace or relations with the Islamic world? "Just say to the American people, you get to choose", Gingrich said. "And this president is demonstrating none of that".

The article paints the White House as frantic and flimsy, with aides alternating between clandestine news-clip hand-offs and, once the information's spurred the president to sweaty action, breathless hunts for who tipped our commander-in-chief off this time. "She knows how to go out and say 'bless your heart, ' and when a southern woman says that, it may be all smiles, but she's about to filet you". He has carved out a role as the administration's top lobbyist on Capitol Hill and was instrumental in helping Republicans pass a health care plan in the House. And the other biggest problem is there haven't been many successes on the legislative level for the Congress. But he still wants its members to pay their fair share, as he puts it - meaning that they should spend a larger share of GDP on their own national defense, as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation charter calls for.

Melania Trump to join president for first foreign trip