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Microsoft offers free security fixes following global cyberattack

20 Mai 2017

That's when the NSA told Microsoft about the vulnerability, and the company issued a security update to fix the flaw. Now some are blaming Microsoft for this ransomware attack, and not following up on security measures.

Following the attack, Microsoft announced that it took a very unusual step of releasing a new patch for computers operated by older operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP.

In a total of 150 nations throughout the world has been affected by the devastation of WannaCry cyber-attack. RBI directed banks to update windows software in ATMs to prevent the WannaCry ransomware attack.

Whatever the case, this second attack that went unnoticed for weeks proves the high degree of sophistication of such programs that were first developed by the NSA that would allow an attacker to easily install and propagate malicious software on computer networks. It asked for a ransom payment of $300 in bitcoin to unlock the computer. Here's a quick look.

"With regard to the source of these threats, then I believe that Microsoft has spoken directly about this", Putin said.

WannaCry is a form of malware called ransomware.

As some Microsoft users are running outdated Windows versions and didn't receive the security update, the company is making the update broadly available for download on Microsoft's website.

Redmond, Wash. - In the wake of unprecedented worldwide cyberattacks, Microsoft has issued security updates for systems that haven't been supported in years.

Microsoft says the attack may evolve over time, and customers should consider blocking legacy protocols on their network. You can find the patch here. The attack can come from opening an email attachment or clicking on a link.

Chinese authorities from traffic police to industry regulators said the spread of the WannaCry worm appeared less aggressive than initially feared.

And now, the group named Shadow Brokers, that had leaked the tools from the U.S. national security agency's stockpile of cyber weapons, which were used by hackers for the recent attacks has said in a blog that it would be releasing hacking tools every month.

The Shadow Brokers allegedly hacked the NSA's Equation Group to steal EternalBlue, along with other tools, and tried to auction it.

Microsoft offers free security fixes following global cyberattack