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New Wonder Woman Clip Shows Diana in Action

20 Mai 2017

The actress also had to take weapons training, archery and sword fighting lessons, as well as get casts of her legs made to create her custom Wonder Woman boots. Funnier, more action packed than you're probably expecting. These are the first reactions about DC's new adventure, the Patty Jenkins-helmed Wonder Woman film. Pine and Gadot are charming beyond measure.

Since Diana's 1941 inception, Wonder Woman has remained an essential being to the comic realm and a role model for fans. On the one hand, the different trailers clearly put us in the mouth, putting so much scene Diana completely badass and sequences of epic battles that touching and / or amusing moments.

Still, the film is tracking fairly well at the box office, and is projected to at least match the opening numbers of other debut superhero films, like Marvel's Captain America: First Avenger and Thor, when it hits theaters June 2.

For now, these are the first words on Gal Gadot's solo jaunt through high superheroics.

Alisha Grauso, the editor-at-large at Movie Pilot, also praised the film, saying, "DC is absolutely on the right track here". So, even if Wonder Woman isn't great, it deserves a chance. But Snyder seems pretty confident with the upcoming movie, and the original Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has previously stated her desire to develop her character over the years.

"I was married to Sean [Penn] at the time, and I knew that all they wanted to know was what color underwear he wore", she remembers. Wonder Woman is the grand universal female hero who didn't have to be lesser in any way. She is so handsome and powerful, but kind and generous and thoughtful. She's as lovely as any woman and as strong as any man. "Never do something that felt false for me or else that's going to show up on screen - which really helped me in the end". There have been so few female characters like that - who weren't small, niche characters or sidekicks.

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New Wonder Woman Clip Shows Diana in Action