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Roger Ailes, ex-Fox News chief, dies aged 77

20 Mai 2017

Bartlett, who is in no way a left-winger (he also worked for Ron Paul), also found that Fox's approach to reporting breeds anger and resentment.

Other lawyers representing former Fox News employees who have filed claims against Ailes or Fox News declined to comment on the impact of his death.

Gabriel Sherman: Agree, wholeheartedly. "The exception is when you know this is a search-and- destroy mission on the part of the media and your case is very strong, you are very articulate, you know what you're trying to accomplish - and you have no alternatives".

Before Carlson's bombshell legal action, Fox's roaring success and enormous earnings (with some estimates that it accounted for almost a quarter of the parent company's profits) insulated Ailes from any suspicion as well as from his past scrapes with the Murdoch sons over who he would report to. Opinion and commentary is cheaper than actual reported journalism.

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Fox News prefers smart women, but the disparity between how attractive it wants them to be and how attractive it wants its men to be is even more pronounced than it is at other networks. This person offered a final one to the news anchor. But he basically shed all the actual functions of journalism, which are bureaus, reporters out in the fields, expensive things like that.

"Last time we talked, I said, 'Roger, we're 77 years old". Fox parent 21st Century Fox largely left Ailes loyalists in place to run the network after he was ousted and follow his template, although top deputy Bill Shine recently left because of questions raised on how much he knew about a toxic workplace atmosphere.

Ailes reportedly amassed a net worth of $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and he was making roughly $20 million per year in salary before he was abruptly fired by Fox last year amid sexual harassment allegations.

Though ratings continued to soar, in later years Ailes' power was challenged. But the full scale and scope did not become fully evident until Gretchen Carlson's lawsuit broke the dam and the flood of allegations came forward. The cause of death was not immediately known.

Still, Abrams noted, Ailes' estate could say to plaintiffs, "You shouldn't be allowed to testify to private conversations if he's not alive anymore".

Over the past few years, we have witnessed the development of two sets of news viewers, watching different stories and getting different information to reinforce their biases.

APWarren native and then-Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is shown in 2015 in NY.

"Fox News often operates nearly as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party", Anita Dunn, communications director in the Obama White House, told CNN in 2009. "I don't see that changing soon".

Thanks largely to Ailes, TV news has become more than news. He put Glenn Beck on the air, basically coinciding with Barack Obama's first inauguration in 2009, and Glenn Beck's audience exploded because that was where the country was at the moment. "He had many critics and like ALL of us his sins, but I remember a great patriot, friend and boss". "They're living off of Roger's fumes right now".

Roger Ailes, ex-Fox News chief, dies aged 77