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Selena Gomez has popped out her new single 'Bad Liar'

20 Mai 2017

Selena Gomez has been keeping her fans on their toes with recent teasers for her upcoming new song, "Bad Liar". Then she started posting lyrics, then little snippets of songs-and that's when her fans started to realize "Bad Liar" sounds a whole lot like the Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer".

Take a listen to Selena's new song below - let us know what you think of it in the comments!

The audio-only video for the song has already amassed more than three million views, and the track generated buzz before even dropping thanks to the artwork that accompanied it.

The song borrows Tina Weymouth's bassline from the 1977 new wave classic "Psycho Killer". "Bad Liar" is her latest single after "It Ain't Me" featuring Kygo, which dropped in February.

And being romantically tied is something Selena Gomez appears to enjoy, if her new video is anything to go by. It's so good to have you back Selena! "She has one of the hottest boyfriends in the industry in [The Weeknd], who has been super loving and supportive of her through this entire process", the insider added.

However, people close to the 27-year-old I Feel It Coming singer believes not all is well between the celebrity couple.

Justin told Variety: "Selena and Julia are Talking Heads-obsessed".

Despite Bad Liar looking as though it's going to be another smash hit for the singer, Selena recently admitted that she would be fine if her fame disappeared.

Selena Gomez has popped out her new single 'Bad Liar'