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Times Square driver 'should have been shot' says prosecutor

20 Mai 2017

The White House said President Donald Trump was informed of the situation in Times Square and would continue to be briefed as it unfolded.

Questioned by investigators after his arrest, Rojas rambled and offered different explanations for the rampage; several law enforcement officials said investigators had not yet come to any conclusions about the differing accounts. He pleaded down a harassment charge in the Bronx to menacing, the prosecutor said.

"I was in shock, I was screaming", witness Kristen Boyce said.

The harrowing incident ended when Rojas's Honda slammed into a metal barrier at W. 45th St.

He allegedly attempted to flee from the scene.

Investigators will search Rojas' auto and Bronx apartment soon, and are awaiting toxicology results to confirm that Rojas had PCP in his system as he told arresting officers, Aubry said.

NYPD sources say the Bronx native told officials he experienced hallucinations, and later "alluded to suicide by cop" and "the end of days".

Her 13-year-old sister is among those injured - with the New York Police Department confirming she is being treated for a collapsed lung and a broken pelvis.

"I wasn't even all the way in when the auto sped by" about 10 feet away, said Long, a 54-year-old who was in town to see a musical. School officials said grief counseling will be available on Friday.

Guerin's series of photos begin at that point, as Rojas stepped out of the vehicle and attempted to flee the scene.

"He wanted to kill this guy", a source said. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital rather than to the city's police central booking facility.

Rojas remains in the Midtown South Precinct for processing.

At 11:48 a.m., he was recorded driving southbound on Broadway at W. 52nd St. On Friday morning, concrete barriers had been placed along the west side of Seventh Avenue between 45th and 42rd streets where the vehicle traveled. The severe charges facing Rojas were appropriate, he added, but not representative of the city's treatment of other crashes involving the deaths of pedestrians or cyclists, and especially of the crashes that don't result in death and are much more common.

They recalled Alyssa Elsman as fun and supportive of those lucky enough to know her.

Aubry said police are awaiting a full toxicology report.

"People are being dragged".

A law enforcement official says a vehicle that plowed into a crowd of pedestrians in Times Square killed one person and injured about 20 others.

New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill said preliminary information revealed that Rojas had been arrested in the past and two of those arrests were due to driving while intoxicated. He was most recently based at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida, and was discharged in 2014.

"When we saw [the car], five, six people was already on the bonnet, so I couldn't really see the driver, but the people waiting for the signal [to cross the street] were already hit and one by one were on the sidewalk", Kaoru Emura, a researcher who works in the area, said.

He also made threats to kill all police and military police.

City officials do not consider the incident an act of terrorism, de Blasio said.

"It appears to be intentional in the sense that he was troubled and lashing out".

Rojas boozed often, complained of nightmares and raved about demons and devils, his pals said.

Times Square driver 'should have been shot' says prosecutor