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Trump flies off on first foreign trip

20 Mai 2017

That was before he fired his Federal Bureau of Investigation director - and the chain reaction of scandal that followed.

As a candidate he told reporters he was unlikely to travel overseas much because America required his undivided attention, but the evidence suggests the 45th president has always been a homebody.

A senior adviser to President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump will be present for six days of the nine-day trip, which begins Friday, the official said. Others told The New York Times they anxious the president would be swayed by foreign leaders' flattery, or erupt in off-script outbursts. Yet by announcing one of the largest arms-sales deals in US history during this visit, Trump is revealing to the world a dark side to his boasts of creating jobs: He may be helping to create a starvation as well.

Saudi diplomats reportedly wooed the president into visiting their country via a persuasive, picture-laden PowerPoint presentation.

On the campaign trail he returned to his gilded Manhattan apartment after almost every rally, by helicopter or private jet, and former business aides say he was always reluctant to spend time anywhere but a Trump-branded property. Instead, the official said, the president and his team are confident that the substance of the trip - including major national security and business announcements - will generate headlines that can push Comey, Russia and the appointment of a special counsel off of front pages.

The official said the speech has been put together through a collaborative process inside the White House, but that Miller was the primary author. There is particular interest on how he will be received in Saudi Arabia given the way he railed against Muslims during his presidential campaign past year and, after taking office, tried to ban travel to the U.S. from seven Muslim majority countries.

Trump generated controversy as a presidential candidate with his call that Muslims be banned temporarily from entering the United States. The difficulty is further magnified by the fact that Mr. Trump is embroiled in an uproar over allegations of Russian interference in the US election and his firing of Mr. Comey on May 9.

Bolton said he would expect Trump to adopt a different tone and message toward the Saudis during this visit. He also plans to travel to Israel, the Vatican, Brussels and Sicily.

If we didn't know any better, we'd nearly think this was planned.

"He will then hold a working lunch with the newly elected president of France, whom he will meet in person for the first time", McMaster said. Now that he's president, he says it isn't obsolete. The paper cited an internal document summarizing the meeting, during which Mr. Trump described Mr. Comey as "crazy" and "a real nut job".

"These things tend to be heavily prepared on both sides so everyone knows what the expectations are", James B. Steinberg, who served as an worldwide diplomat for former President Barack Obama, told The Times.

The summit will involve several meetings with leaders of European Union countries. Although Trump didn't explicitly endorse Macron's opponent, Marine Le Pen, he clearly had an affinity for her nationalist ideas and she an affinity for his. And there are likely to be more developments back in Washington even as he's overseas.

Saudi Arabia, the world's top oil exporter, has always been a major ally of the USA, but the relationship soured over Obama's initial reluctance getting involved in Syria and other regional problems, as well as the signing of a landmark nuclear accord and lifting of worldwide sanctions against their regional rival, Shiite Iran.

"But these trips are pretty well orchestrated from the point of view of what events you're going to be at", he added.

Every president going back to Ronald Reagan has started smaller, with their first global journeys taking them to America's neighbors, either Canada or Mexico.

Trump flies off on first foreign trip