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Who died on the shocking 'Scandal' season 6 finale

20 Mai 2017

Through it all, Maya maintains that she isn't in town to assassinate Mellie.

Scandals abound on Scandal, but fans will never forget the one that got them hooked on Shonda Rhimes' addictive series in the first place: Fitzgerald Grant's extramarital affair with Olivia Pope.

Before the ceremony, Jake assures everyone that Mellie will be safe up on the stage. With Olivia as chief of staff, and in charge of B613, things are sure to get insane.

As for where Olivia Pope will end the series, Washington has no idea, but she hopes for good things. She hands cash to a man, and after agents stop him, they find out Maya has cut out her chip. She delivers a speech about how women are perceived as "admirable or ridiculous" for the lengths they'd go to protect themselves and their families ... but Rowan waits her out.

The episode opens with Fitz, David, Liv, and more watching as Jake and the Secret Service try to apprehend Maya. It's a lot warmer and she even brought a chair from home.

Rowan enters the cell and dives right into his interrogation.

Olivia goes in to try and get information from Maya, so she pretends to believe that Maya isn't involved.

"Television can feel restricting to some actors, but I'm lucky because our writers remain inventive and they are incredible, phenomenal risk takers", says the actress, who Wednesday former National Football League star Nnamdi Asomugha in 2013 and welcomed their daughter Isabelle in 2014 and son Caleb in 2016. But Kerry will remain forever grateful for being given the role on the drama, and how it has contributed to her life as a whole. Olivia reveals Luna was calling the shots for the Baddies. At that point, he realizes that she's innocent ... which means there's someone still out there trying to kill Mellie. She asks about the bank accounts. Quinn's still salty but agrees. Charlie is ecstatic, but Huck seems upset. "I am really happy we have a whole season left to tell more of the stories, and we have a year to say goodbye to these characters and this "Scandal" world".

Look, Charlie, I love you and you're sweet. These people are wackadoo. Liv, who was on the phone with her mother before she was taken out, learns that Maya wasn't looking to kill Mellie. It's like old times. Further, he adds that it's Mellie's (and only Mellie's) decision to make. Why did Luna arrange mass terrorist attacks through Paeus if she was already Vice President? Olivia feels defeated. She tells Jake, and then she goes to tell Maya, who tells Olivia to just let it go. When Rowan finally stares her down, he says she doesn't stand for anyone or anything, and he subscribes to Jake's theory that she's only trying to collect a paycheck. Jake goes to get Olivia from her apartment, and she tells him she has a plan.

In the script, it was really important that as they were deciding whether it was safe to have an inauguration that it became increasingly important to Mellie as she saw all the women coming from all the corners of the world.

Olivia had to give into the dark side, and she does so here in a big way, reanimating B-613 with a stroke of Mellie's pen and installing herself as the head of the snake. Although Mellie's sympathetic, she won't cancel anything because women deserve the celebration and recognition. I wanted more of a dramatic "Rowan" monologue confession or Jake's coolness and indifference when he admits his guilt. Later, Olivia prevents Mellie from fully financializing the B613. Come back in the fall, Gladiators, to find out - and be sure to wear a black hat in honor of Evil Olivia. Later, Liv goes into Mellie's office and has her refund B613. She wanted to go out on a high and finish it the way she wanted to - and not overstay our time at the ball. She was now demanding Sunday night dinners with her dad, but that if he crossed her, she would kill him.

Again, give me that "Quinn and Crew fight racist crimes with a baby" spin-off any day now. Then, they realize that Maya didn't hire an assassin; she is the assassin.

Who died on the shocking 'Scandal' season 6 finale