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Google VR Headsets Will Be Untethered And Fully Tracked

21 Mai 2017

After the presentation, HTC announced the name of the Daydream headset will be called the Vive Standalone. Although the efforts of this new virtual reality ecosystem were seen a year ago with the Daydream View, what's coming next is much more compelling.

Google is ramping up its work on virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR respectively) with its Daydream platform, having added support for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and revealed partnerships with Lenovo and HTC to build standalone headsets. By creating standalone headsets, Google and its manufacturing partners will be able to customize device's displays, optics, and sensors to work better with VR.

Google is working with Qualcomm on a reference design for the new products, which won't require a smartphone or PC.

Google also announced that Expeditions VR, the platform that lets students take virtual "field trips", will roll out to some schools through a Pioneer program this fall. One of the major announcements was Google VR headsets will be fully tracked and untethered. Everything required to deliver a smooth and immersive VR experience will be integrated within the headset. These will be among the first virtual reality headsets that are completely untethered, requiring no additional hardware.

This lets Google and hardware makers customize the displays, optics, and sensors to be flawless for virtual reality, he said.

Unlike the now available VR headsets, the newly revealed ones will feature in-built Daydream standards to let users enjoy VR without the use of cables or smartphones stacked inside them. They'll feature WorldSense for positional tracking right out of the box without any external equipment.

He said LG's next flagship smartphone, set to launch later this year, will support Daydream.

The company used last year's Google I/O developer conference to unveil Daydream, its Android-based mobile VR platform makes use of high-end handsets to power games and experiences.

Google VR Headsets Will Be Untethered And Fully Tracked