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No Plans for Destiny 2 on Nintendo Switch, according to Project Leader

21 Mai 2017

Does Destiny 2's arrival on herald the beginning of another rival to Steam or an Activision-wide version of EA's Origin? The other team will attempt to defend the objective and kill the attackers. "Because it means they're going to have other players that are going to come on board".

In Countdown, the new 4v4 competitive PvP mode, the first team pull off six rounds of either arming or disarming bombs wins.

The Destiny series is making the trek to PC for the first time with Destiny 2, and Bungie has detailed some benefits to making the switch.

Expect lots of change though.

As expected, with its use of peer-to-peer servers, Destiny 2 will suffer from more input latency than if it were running on dedicated servers.

Destiny is a game that I personally played for hundreds of hours.

The original massively multiplayer online (MMO) game received mixed reviews when it launched in 2014. Nevertheless, Bungie has implemented some changes in the gameplay. One of the more exciting parts of the announcement was the fact that the game would be launched on the PC (and exclusively available via Blizzard's platform). PC graphics performance information is largely speculation at this point, but the listed PC options and features is a good sign.

Read: Destiny 2 Pre-Orders: Which Edition Should You Buy? While the console version will be releasing Sepember 8th, there hasn't been a release date given for PC players. "We want to get our hands on Destiny 2 as soon as possible like everybody else, so we offered to share our PC platform with our sister companies for this release".

In the course of the invasion, the Destiny 2 official gameplay trailer unveiled new weapons, new locations and new Supers. The game itself did not have much of a story, until the DLC started adding more of it. There were times when the story that was there seemed out-of-place.

When will Destiny 2 be released? That's huge! The interesting thing is that not all worlds are as big as EDZ, they all vary in size. The Red Legion wants the power of the Traveler Orb floating above the city for itself. Therefore, gamers will lose all of the weapons, armour and collectibles they obtained in the previous game and its expansion packs. I asked if they would be returning in Destiny 2.

No Plans for Destiny 2 on Nintendo Switch, according to Project Leader