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The degree of self-sabotage in the Trump White House is staggering

21 Mai 2017

"There is no collusion between, certainly myself and my campaign, but I can only speak for myself and the Russians".

The Justice Department's newly appointed special counsel, Robert Mueller, was given the authority to investigate not only potential collusion but also related allegations, which would include obstruction of justice.

Friday's report quotes Trump calling ousted FBI Director James Comey "crazy" and "a real nut job".

So that's how Trump (BEG ITAL) really (END ITAL) took the news about Mueller's appointment: not well at all.

Trump acknowledged in his interview with NBC that "the Russian Federation thing" was on his mind when he made a decision to fire Comey, leading to questions about whether he fired Comey to impede the investigation into his campaign's ties to Russian Federation. In the Oval Office weeks later, Comey told associates, the president asked him to shut down an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

An anonymous source told the Post that Rosenstein was upset at the White House for initially saying his memo was the reason Comey was sacked, and threatened to resign if that narrative was not changed.

Mr Bonifaz said recent concerns about alleged Russian links to Mr Trump's campaign have sparked a wave of new interest in the initiative.

In meetings behind closed doors with politicians on Thursday and Friday, Mr Rosenstein said he wrote the memo after Mr Trump told him one day before the 9 May sacking that he wanted to dismiss Mr Comey. "We need a great director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation".

Trump met with the Russians on May 10, the day after he fired Comey.

"We look forward to getting this whole situation behind us", he said, vowing to focus his administration's resources instead on creating jobs, strengthening the military and reforming health care. At that same May 10 meeting, Trump revealed to the Russians highly classified intelligence on ISIS that the United States had not even shared with close allies. But he also felt that he could not refuse a presidential invitation, particularly not one that went to a broad array of law enforcement leadership.

The White House on Friday predicted that the investigation would back up Trump's account.

He says his memo is not a finding of official misconduct and is not a statement of reasons to justify Comey's firing.

Trump has reacted furiously to the appointment but Democrats and even many Republicans have generally welcomed it.

Missouri's U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill is being very vocal after a meeting with Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein yesterday.

He says that even his "enemies" recognize his innocence, and he's declaring himself the most unfairly hounded president in history.

In a pair of morning Twitter posts and at a later news conference, the Republican president described calls by some on the left for his impeachment as "ridiculous" and said he had done nothing to warrant criminal charges.

"It's always nice to have less drama", he said.

"Comey was disgusted. He regarded the episode as a physical attempt to show closeness and warmth in a fashion calculated to compromise him before Democrats who already mistrusted him".