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Trump to urge Muslim leaders to fight terror in Suadi speech

21 Mai 2017

Trump's speech also comes as he and his administration have continued to defend the executive order barring visitors to the US from six Muslim-majority countries, which the administration is seeking to reinstate in litigation after it was blocked by federal judges.

Those listening to the President's speech on Sunday will also have to contend with the rhetoric of Trump's campaign, which experts say hase xacerbated anti-Muslim sentiment.

Trump's address Sunday was the centerpiece of his two-day visit to Saudi Arabia, his first stop overseas as president.

Donald Trump and his wife Melania, the First Lady of the United States, are on an official visit to Saudi Arabia as part of the first leg of his global tour to the Middle East and Europe. The Washington Post said the probe had reached into the White House to include a Trump adviser, who was not named.

In an interview with CNN in March a year ago, Trump said: "I think Islam hates us".

Reinforcing his theme of USA economic deals, Trump told Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani they would discuss "lots of handsome military equipment because nobody makes it like the United States".

However, Trump's speech is likely to be met with wariness by many in the region, with the president's history of incendiary claims about Islam.

Saudi Arabia is home to the Islamic world's most sacred sites, notably Mecca, where Muslims are duty bound to perform a pilgrimage at least once in their lifetime.

In a departure from the Islamophobic rhetoric he sometimes deployed on the campaign trail, Pres. Trump will speak out against the militant, political ideology of "Islamist extremism", according to excerpts of the speech released by the White House.

Trump has convened meetings with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud among leaders of different Gulf states. On Saturday, he inked a $110 billion arms sales agreement with Saudi Arabia, a deal the White House said would create and have Saudi Arabia begin to take more responsibility for regional security.

"We need to hear the explanations and make sure that our military advantage is maintained even with Saudi Arabia", Steinitz said.

Steinitz says the deal is "definitely something that should trouble us".

"Saudi Arabia is an important friend and partner for the United States", Murphy wrote, adding "But they are still a deeply imperfect friend".

The US President also met with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during his time in Riyadh, and said he hopes to visit the country.

Video of the dance shows Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross dancing with swords perched on their shoulders as part of a line of men in traditional Saudi garb, CNN reported.

The trade deals announced on Saturday were said to be worth in excess of $380 billion and Trump proudly declared the first day of his visit "tremendous". In his most forceful argument on Sunday, Trump exhorted Muslim-majority countries to do more to eradicate terrorist groups that claim the mantle of Islam, urging Muslims to "drive out" terrorists. He'll also have an audience with Pope Francis, meet with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation partners in Brussels and attend the Group of 7 wealthy nations summit in Sicily.