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Ariana Grande to perform at benefit concert in Manchester

02 Juin 2017

British police arrested a man on Friday in connection with the suicide attack in Manchester as investigators focussed on tracing a second device believed to have been assembled by the bomber Salman Abedi.

It is claimed that raid was connected to a group of Libyan extremists and that Abedi knew two members of the gang, who have ties to Manchester.

Meanwhile, Take That have also revealed that they will be donating the proceeds of one of their rescheduled concerts to the I Love Manchester Emergency Fund to help victims and their families.

Police are continuing to work to establish Abedi's final movements after it emerged he flew back to Britain via Turkey and Germany just four days before carrying out his attack.

British police are irritated that information shared with USA officials has leaked to US media, which reported Abedi's name before police confirmed it. Some of the photos showed remnants of blue material from what appeared to be a Karrimor-branded backpack.

In the note, Grande praised her fans for their response to the incident, which left 22 people dead and more than 60 injured, including young children and teens.

There he blew himself up killing 22 people - a lot of them incredibly young.

One of the men was detained following searches of an address in the Withington area of the city, while another was arrested in a part of Greater Manchester that was not disclosed.

Despite the alleged allegiance, Hashem Abedi also supposedly said that his brother acted alone and learned how to make the bomb on the internet.

But as yet none of those held in the United Kingdom have been charged.

The U.K.'s home secretary, Amber Rudd, told the BBC Radio on Wednesday that she found the leaks "irritating" because it could hurt the integrity of the investigation and ultimately "the element of surprise" to catch other suspected terrorists.

With Britain's terrorism threat level at "critical", meaning a new attack may be imminent, police are racing to uncover the network around bomber Salman Abedi.

Ariana Grande to perform at benefit concert in Manchester