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Illinois lawmakers fail to pass budget, miss spring deadline

02 Juin 2017

The lack of trust between Illinois' Republican governor and its Legislatu.

After 701 days without a state budget, Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan said Wednesday that Democrats need more time.

CHICAGO Any hope for a break in Illinois' long-running budget stalemate devolved into more partisan bickering and deeper divisions on Wednesday as the state legislature ended its spring session without a deal on a spending plan for a third year in a row. "It started with how much did politicians think they could get away with raising in taxes, and then make some cuts to get to a balanced budget", McConchie said. It calls for registering individuals automatically when they visit one of several state agencies unless they opt out. Opponents of the bill include the Illinois Department of Revenue, which is a strong indicator that Governor Rauner would be likely to veto any bill that passes in both chambers of the General Assembly. The fact is, this governor doesn't want a budget.

The Illinois House is indicating that there won't be a budget agreement before the end of the day when lawmakers face a critical deadline. Among the contentious issues that went unresolved in the Statehouse were education funding reform, workers' compensation reform and a $5.4 billion tax hike proposal by the Democrats.

Frerichs, a Democrat, placed the blame on the state's Republican Governor in a news release. The governor said all along he would only sign a budget with tax increases if it included reforms like workman's comp or a property tax freeze, two things Democrats have passed but the governor said the bills don't go far enough. We don't have a budget. "The people of IL and the Metro East deserve better".

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Durkin accused the Democrats of failure to come to the negotiating table with Republicans. Democrats, for the most part, blamed Rauner.

Democratic state Rep. Will Guzzardi of Chicago said the plan would help working people make ends meet. "If they are predisposed to make the deal happen it can happen".

"The number one job we should have been focusing on the entire session was a full year budget", he said.

Frustrated Senate Democrats said they had acted responsibly in moving budget bills over to the House. "I've had arrows gone through me before so I can take it". The majority in the House knows darn well what needs to be done.

"Even though the budget should be our singular focus, we have shown our willingness to compromise on some of the governor's non-budgetary demands. The stakes are too high for everybody", said Sen.

But there is at least one difference this year.

The measures move to the House.

As Brian Mackey reports, state government's long, slow financial crisis will accelerate. Chicago Public Schools announced in early May that it'll have to borrow $389 million to get through the rest of the year. "There are a lot of reasons". "They need money so what kind of give and take will there be now?" I would sign those bills.

40-year political writer Tom Kacich's storylines to watch into June.

As a result, the state's pile of unpaid bills has topped $14 billion. Moody's has given it the lowest rating out of every state at Baa2 negative, just two levels above non-investment grade, also known as junk. Lawmakers sent Rauner a bill changing the formula for elementary schools.

Rauner returned fire at a state capitol news conference.

Illinois lawmakers fail to pass budget, miss spring deadline