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Jared Kushner Didn't Suggest Back Channel, the Russians Did

02 Juin 2017

The White House faces mounting questions about potential ties between Russian Federation and Mr Trump's presidential campaign, which are also the subject of criminal and congressional investigations.

Trump on Sunday attacked the news media and dismissed leaks from the White House as "fake news" and "fabricated" amid reports about alleged communications between Kushner and Russia's ambassador to Washington.

Federal investigators are looking into meetings Kushner held in December with Russia's ambassador and a banker from Moscow, CBS News' Scott Pelley reported on "CBS Evening News" on Thursday.

The Trump-Kushner relationship is "showing unmistakable signs of strain", the Times reported in an article published on its front page Monday.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican from SC, said on CNN's "State of the Union" that he was skeptical of the back-channel story because he did not trust Russian officials.

"Secretary Kelly and Gen. McMaster have both discussed that, in general terms. back channels are an appropriate part of diplomacy", Spicer said. "So no, I would not be concerned about it".

But the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, which is investigating the Russian election meddling, was dubious.

"So it doesn't pre-expose you to any sort of content or any kind of conversation or anything". "But I do think there ought to be a review of his security clearance to find out whether he was truthful, whether he was candid".

"While the various congressional and law enforcement investigations continue, the White House should take all possible steps to protect national security including immediately revoking Mr. Kushner's security clearance", the letter read.

And despite rumors that the president was angry or frustrated with his son-in-law, Trump told the New York Times Sunday that Kushner is "doing a great job for the country".

The administration has defended Kushner's meeting a couple of ways, without actually confirming the Post's report about what Kislyak told the Kremlin about the meeting.

Investigations into Russian interference in the American presidential election aren't only getting close to Donald Trump, they've begun to stir up concerns about the chain of command.

The US leader visited Arlington National Cemetery to mark Memorial Day, a day of remembrance for the nation's war dead, but had to quickly pivot his attention to the Russian Federation scandal after returning to Washington late Saturday from his first worldwide trip since taking office.

And Mr Trump, who had been uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter during his nine-day trip overseas, resumed tweeting on Sunday, dismissing allegations of Russian Federation ties as "fake news" and "fabricated lies".