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Patty Jenkins on her 13-year journey to make 'Wonder Woman'

02 Juin 2017

Snyder and his team have tried to match the might of the Marvel Comics universe, but their impatient attempts at building worlds have led to subpar films.

More than a few days before discovering FINAL Wonder Woman at the cinema.

It's pretty amusing that Pine says that - his character, Steve Trevor, actually goes on a "war to end all wars" in Wonder Woman.

The movie is a mix of special-effects action and comedy. In fact, their banter has a nostalgic quality to it. Producer Charles Roven recently revealed the long journey to get the script big screen ready to Collider, and it provides a lot of interesting insight into just how much work went into getting Diana just right.

"Thrilling, earnest, and buoyed by Gal Gadot's charismatic performance, Wonder Woman succeeds in spectacular fashion", reads the critics consensus on Rotten Tomatoes.

Wonder Woman is a beautifully filmed origin story of the female superhero, also known as Diana Prince.

But Jenkins says it's the "love" that Wonder Woman embodies that really sets her apart.

Not only is Gadot Israeli, but she is also Jewish.

Chris Pine and Gal Gadot are global treasures.

"Gal has a warmth and a curiosity that's very true, very childlike", Pine says. Then she told me what she wanted to do: "the story, my character, and Gal's character". "So my job was very easy". Gadot's acting still comes across as wooden sometimes, and her line delivery often sounds flat, but she has otherwise nailed the role of Wonder Woman and equally looks the part, too. I watched my teenaged niece move to the edge of her seat during this action sequence, and she didn't sit back again until the credits started rolling.

"What did I do there?" Outside of the franchise, Gadot also stars in Triple 9 and Keeping Up with the Joneses among other projects. We'll get to the good stuff soon, the movie is saying, but first a little dessert.

"It was me and lovely, strong women", he says. Ranking among recent films, I might compare my enjoyment level to DOCTOR STRANGE or ANT-MAN, which were not great but passable entertainment. "One man's hell - one man's heaven". Pine is the flawless "average man" route through which the audience can learn more about Wonder Woman. He will reunite with his Hell or High Water director David Mackezie in August.

She swaps the idyllic island for the hellish landscape of the Western Front, although the conflict she's fighting is far from the one we know from history. "I'm sure that will not be a comedy".

Patty Jenkins on her 13-year journey to make 'Wonder Woman'