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Trump rant against India casts shadow on PM Modi visit to US

02 Juin 2017

When President Donald Trump announced he was withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate agreement on Thursday, environmental, industry, and policy experts reacted not with dejected fear, but with optimism that bordered on defiant. This is a global challenge.

Trump announced America is "getting out" of a deal he said imposed "draconian" burdens that would cost the USA millions of jobs and billions in cold hard cash.

Compared to the peanuts in United States aid (which New Delhi prefers is completely stopped), India buys $100 million worth of California almonds alone every year, besides billions in armaments.

Now, China and the European Union are pledging to fill the gap.

Zinke clearly got his bedtime reading finished in time, having told reporters on Wednesday that he had "yet to read what the actual Paris agreement is" and "would like to sit down and read" the 2015 accord before commenting.

Earlier Thursday, Russia said it supported the Paris deal. "It will save millions of lives and slash the huge healthcare cost of pollution".

Ciplet, who is also co-director of the Just Transition Collaborative at CU - an organization that promotes social and environmental justice in the transition out of fossil fuels - added that climate change politics ultimately begin at the local level, and Boulder will have to be a leader. "It is of crucial importance that all parties stick to the Paris Agreement". The reversal of damage to the ozone layer proves that such a global effort can succeed.

If he pulls out, it would put the odds with almost every other country on earth since 195 world leaders signed the agreement.

Abandoning the pact would isolate the USA from a raft of worldwide allies who spent years negotiating the 2015 agreement to fight global warming and pollution by reducing carbon emissions.

Christina Figueres, the former UN official who led the negotiations, said that under the agreement the United States can not even submit its intention to withdraw until November 2019, after which the process would take a year.

"Climate change is the great existential threat of our time". "It's a multilateral agreement". No one country can dismantle the Agreement.

Among the scientific community, Britain's prestigious Royal Society said Trump's decision would hamper U.S. innovation in cleaner technology.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni urged allies to "speed up" efforts to fight against climate change and said they would do more to help poorer countries. "Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world", Mr Musk, the head of tech giant Tesla, said.

This may imperil the agreement's enshrined goal of holding average global warming "well below" 2º Celsius over pre-Industrial Revolution levels - already a tall order even with the U.S. on board.

Opponents of withdrawal - said to include Trump's own daughter Ivanka - had warned that America's reputation and its leadership role on the world stage was at stake, along with the environment.

"Withdrawal from the climate agreement is a betrayal of scientific fact, economic opportunity, and moral leadership".

"While the loss of America's leadership is unfortunate, this is a struggle that is far from over", he said. China has been actively promoting the Paris agreement and was one of the first countries to ratify it, he said.

He also said he would be willing to renegotiate a way back into the agreement if a deal can be made that he feels is "fair". But Elliot Diringer, the executive vice president of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, a nonpartisan climate-focused think tank, said he was was confident most will remain committed to climate action.

Trump rant against India casts shadow on PM Modi visit to US