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US backs out of Paris climate accord

02 Juin 2017

Former US President Barack Obama on Thursday slammed President Donald Trump's decision to pull the US out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, implying his decision would hurt rather than help the US economy.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Trump has "put families and jobs ahead of left-wing ideology and should be commended".

Announcing the withdrawal from the Climate Accord, Trump said, "As of today, the United States will cease all implementation of the non-binding Paris accord." however, the President said that although they will be environment-friendly but that does not mean they will run their businesses out of work. "We are getting out". President Trump's plan is to negotiate a deal that the administration feels is fairer to Americans. If we can, great.

The announcement was met with uproar.

The one-time Democratic presidential nominee continued to blast POTUS, throwing one of the president's most-loved terms back at him.

Within hours, Tesla CEO Elon Musk followed up on his promise to depart the president's advisory team if we withdrew.

As Trump made his controversial decision to withdraw from the accords, threw some intense shade.

He said that making matters even worse, "as the rest of the world pursues a course of renewable energy, all the millions of jobs that go with that transition will be created in countries that stay in the Paris Accord". They're urging other states to join.

During his speech, Trump insisted that he "cares deeply about the environment", but his track record shows this to be a lie. "For us to join with the ranks of Syria and Nicaragua as being the only countries not to sign on this, I think is a mistake".

But that's not what American businesses believe. Under the terms of the agreement, the USA will be able to give its withdrawal notice in 2019 and exit the deal in 2020. It is possible, should Trump not be re-elected, that the next president could choose to remain in the agreement.

The Paris agreement works to curb global greenhouse gas emissions. "This is disgraceful", Annie Leonard, Greenpeace USA's executive director, told the Times. The Paris Agreement is our best hope to mount an effective global response to the threat of climate change and is supported by a strong majority of Americans, many of whom are already experiencing the costly and harmful impacts of climate change here at home.

US backs out of Paris climate accord