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Leaders pledge to boost climate efforts

03 Juin 2017

The U.S. would have been required to lower its emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, which President Donald Trump said would cost millions of American jobs.

Fast Company obtained a copy of this email, and in it, Cook didn't mince words.

"Those that will be betting on the implementation of the Paris Agreement, on the green economy, will be the ones that have a leading role in the economy of the 21st century", he said.

"Pittsburgh and other cities know that fighting climate change will not only save our planet, but save lives", Peduto said in a statement.

The March For Truth aims to pressure Congress for an independent commission to investigate alleged ties between Russian Federation and Trump's campaign. Industry experts, including Mark Zuckerburg, Elon Musk, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai, also voiced their concerns.

Trump's decision, announced on Thursday, "was an affront to our faith in Christ, who calls us to love and be concerned for our neighbours around the world who are impacted by climate change", said Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, the national organizer and spokesman for Young Evangelicals for Climate Action.

Surprisingly, not everybody is on board with Trump's decision to leave the Paris climate control accords. "We don't want the U.S. to pull out because it would be a very bad signal and lead others to pull out", said a French diplomat. As with just about everything else concerning the Trump presidency division is the watchword.

The day after President Donald Trump announced the USA will withdraw from the Paris Agreement, it seemed White House officials were tasked with keeping the president's actual stance on climate change frustratingly ambiguous.

"Now that U.S. President Trump has announced that the U.S. will be withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement, it is expected that the U.S. will expand its oil production even more sharply", said analysts at German bank Commerzbank. This is myopic strategy, drastically curtailing American soft power and leading to the USA ceding its leadership role in the world.

"This is an insane move by this president; the world depends on a sustainable future", said Brown.

"With Trump we were at best only going to have America's name on the agreement", he told AFP. He said his own foundation will help coordinate the USA effort, which will be called America's Pledge, and it will help submit "nationally determined contributions" like other nations.

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt spent a press briefing Friday dodging questions about whether President Trump believes in climate change.

Exxon also faces pressure from shareholders, who voted this week for more disclosure about the impact of climate-change regulation on Exxon's business.

It may be years before the country can formally exit the deal, but Trump said he'll immediately halt implementation.

Mr Trump indicated he was open to another climate deal "on terms that are fair to the United States" but the leaders of France, Germany and Italy quickly issued a joint statement rejecting any renegotiation.

Leaders pledge to boost climate efforts