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Developer earnings from the App Store top $70 billion

04 Juin 2017

Apple Inc is already in your pocket, on your desk and underneath your television. But it's unclear whether it will also reveal the Siri Speaker.

WWDC, Apple's annual conference for software developers, is scheduled to kick off next Monday.

Reports claim the Cupertino-based firm may also use the event to introduce a smart home speaker featuring its virtual assistant Siri, created to compete with the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Despite the competition from the likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers, Apple believes that it will be able to curve a niche for its own Siri enabled smart speakers.

The first version of the iPhone famously didn't have apps - but since they were introduced a year later, it seems Apple has been making up for lost time.

Apple declined to comment on the report. While services accounted for 13% of total revenue over the last 12 months, it has become Apple's fastest-growing segment. Last year Apple rebranded what was OS X to macOS to fit inline with iOS, tvOS and watchOS. According to the company, it generated $2.7 billion in subscription fees for 2016, up 74% versus a year earlier. Although it may not be ready to be shipped until the latter part of 2017, the product might be unveiled as soon as next week during WWDC. Apple could announce updated iPad tablets at the conference, one of the people said.

Much of the credit should go to developers themselves, according to Schiller.

Amazon puts no such restrictions on Alexa, wagering that the voice assistant with the most "skills", its term for apps on its Echo assistant devices, will gain a loyal following, even if it sometimes makes mistakes and takes more effort to use. Sign-ups to subscription services are also on the rise. Various reports have shown that Apple wants to unveil both the Siri Speaker, which is a smart home assistant and a new iPad Pro.

The smart-home space is an area that Apple has yet to penetrate. It would be a seamless transition for iPhone owners to start barking out commands to a smart speaker in the same or similar fashion as communicating with Siri on a smartphone.

"To some, it may be comforting to know there is an Apple speaker out there that will seamlessly integrate with the iPhone and Apple family of products", said Petrock. With its bulky size and high price point, the Hi-Fi flopped and was discontinued within 18 months of launching. The company has tried to create a sense of brotherhood among all Apple product owners.

Developer earnings from the App Store top $70 billion