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World Forges Ahead With Paris Climate Deal Without Donald Trump

06 Juin 2017

But Mr Bloomberg, now the United Nations special envoy for cities and climate change, said work would continue to reduce emissions despite Mr Trump's statement.

The original video kicks off with a slide that reads "The Paris Accord is a bad deal for America", while the French version offers the same exact start with a few minor edits added in red text: "Leaving the Paris Accord is a bad deal for America and the World".

Those who supported Trump's decision to pull out of the deal aren't concerned about local actions on climate, as long as the United States is not a party to the worldwide agreement, said Tom Pyle, president of the conservative American Energy Alliance.

"Does the president believe today that climate change is a hoax?".

Italy, France and Germany have issued a collective statement dismissing US President Donald Trump's suggestion of revising the global pact, hours after the latter made a decision to "get out" from the Paris climate accord.

Just one of Dilley's coworkers whom CNN spoke with considers climate change a hoax.

And each time, they didn't get the answer they were looking for.

"There's enough to deal with with respect to the Paris Agreement and making an informed decision about this important issue".

"I have not had an opportunity to have that discussion", Spicer said. By backing out, the USA not only diminishes its own influence in these vital diplomatic negotiations, but worse, grants other countries license to neglect their responsibility.

Reporters have asked several senior officials about Trump's view, but have not gotten an answer.

Portland, Ore. -based Keen believes the US should be more invested in climate change, and not distance itself from efforts to fight it.

"It's both bad energy policy and, as equally important, bad for America's leadership in the world when you couple this with what he did not do overseas in supporting and reaffirming America's commitment on North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and pulling out of the Asia-Pacific trade agreement". On Friday morning, Vermont Sen.

The agreement's signatories aim to keep global warming below 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit (2 degrees Celsius) of preindustrial levels this century, with the more ambitious goal of keeping that warming to below 2.7 degrees F (1.5 degrees C). The administration is working to dismantle former President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan, which is meant to regulate electricity plants and help the USA meet its promise to cut emissions by more than a quarter from 2005 levels.

World Forges Ahead With Paris Climate Deal Without Donald Trump