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Kansas Kills Trump-Like Tax Cuts in 'Repudiation of Right-Wing Orthodoxy'

08 Juin 2017

Conservatives hailed him as a hero.

Lawmakers overrode Gov. Sam Brownback's veto of their tax plan Tuesday night.

After years of some of the most aggressive tax cuts in the country, the so-called "Kansas Experiment" has ended. Monthly tax receipt reports became a drumbeat bearing the same bad news: revenues were lower than expected, meaning budget shortfalls would be greater than expected.

Fisher said the state's political climate has created three factions in the state legislature's Republican party: ultra-conservatives who have remained loyal to Brownback and his policies, conservatives who have been willing to compromise, and moderate Republicans.

Still, Mr. Brownback viewed his signature idea - eliminating the 4.6% state individual income tax on pass-through businesses - as a national model. To see more, visit KCUR 89.3. Even some legislators who had voted for the tax cuts and defended them for years voted to override the veto. "I think it's wrong for growth", Brownback said at a press conference. "This was a bad experiment that has left our state unable to do what it is supposed to do", she said.

For Brownback, a onetime presidential candidate who has grown increasingly isolated, it was a devastating blow - a final rejection by some of his allies for his centerpiece doctrine. "Then we can work our way out of the hole that we're in", she said.

You're welcome, America. Our state, Kansas, just wrapped up a 5-year long experiment in governance from which the other 49 states can now glean some important lessons. That's about $755. The rate is still lower than the pre-tax cut rate of 6.5%.

Brownback decried the action Wednesday as harmful to the state's economy, predicting that tax increases would slow job growth and discourage businesses from moving to Kansas. "But it's not about me". "This does move the state of Kansas forward".

Circling back to our coverage from March, the Kansas Republican launched a radical economic "experiment" after taking office six years ago, and Brownback's plan failed in every conceivable way. In his first term, he helped push out moderate Republicans from the Legislature.

But critics say the law is meant to discourage women from having abortions. The historical record shows no correlation between tax cuts and economic growth, either for the nation or for Kansas. Kansas began collecting hundreds of millions of dollars less in revenue each year.

Kansas' structural budget pressures led S&P Global Ratings to revise the outlook on the state's AA-minus credit rating to negative from stable earlier this year.

Kathy Ostrowski, state legislative director of Kansans for Life, which pushed for the Disclose Act, said there was nothing burdensome about the law.

In statement released on Wednesday, Nick Johnson of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) joined lawmakers and activists in celebrating the move, calling it a "striking repudiation of far-right wing economic orthodoxy".

Brownback rejected a bill that would raise $1.2 billion over two years, acting Tuesday afternoon after lawmakers approved the measure early Tuesday morning. Funding for state school programs fell, and the Kansas Supreme Court ruled the state government was not adequately funding schools.

Kansas Kills Trump-Like Tax Cuts in 'Repudiation of Right-Wing Orthodoxy'