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Russian hackers 'planted false story' behind Mideast crisis

08 Juin 2017

They said Qatar's fiscal and current account deficits could widen as "related revenues from regional trade diminish".

In a series of tweets Tuesday, Trump took partial credit and expressed support for the anti-Qatar alliance's actions, suggesting his tough remarks during a visit to Saudi Arabia two weeks ago spurred them on.

He said he had not been officially informed of any United States investigation into the alleged hacking of Qatar's news agency.

"At this stage, we note that there are numerous uncertainties regarding Qatar's response, the extent to which these measures will be imposed, and their longevity", said S&P Global Ratings.

The ban against Qatar will certainly hurt the Qatari economy, which will impact the many Indians working there.

Read the full memo below and let us know what you find exploring the archive for yourself.

Qatar's Foreign Minister said: "Qatar is ready for dialogue to resolve the diplomatic crisis".

Yesterday, however, Trump's tweets got him in hot water, as he seems to have temporarily forgotten United States foreign policy, launching an online attack on American ally Qatar.

The FBI quickly responded by sending a team to Qatar's capital Doha and told CNN it suspected Russian hackers were behind falsely attributed comments.

The stories included statements of support to Iran by the emir of Qatar, Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani.

Trump created a stir on Tuesday when he took sides in the GCC conflict, writing on Twitter that his visit to Saudi Arabia last week was "already paying off".

Saudi Arabia then cited the false item as part of its reason for instituting a diplomatic and economic blockade against Qatar, the report said.

Food imports are affected as Saudi Arabia closed its land border with Qatar, stranding thousands of trucks carrying supplies.

Al-Jazeera, one of the largest news organisations in the world, has always been a source of conflict between Qatar and its neighbours, who accuse the broadcaster of bias and fomenting trouble in the region.

Ali bin Smaikh al-Marri, chairman of Qatar's National Human Rights Committee, said the Saudi-led move went far beyond a simple diplomatic dispute and would break up families and disrupt young people's education.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told German reporters on Wednesday that Gulf countries still see Qatar as a "brother state".

Jubeir declined to confirm a list of 10 demands published by Al Jazeera, which included shutting down the Doha-based news channel, but added that Qatar knew what it needed to do to restore normal relations.

Gause also noted Qatar's relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood "and other oppositional political groups", as well as Qatari cooperation with Iran on some issues "at a time when Saudi Arabia is confronting Iran directly on all sorts of fronts".