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Apple is finally fixing the iPhone's annoying volume box

11 Juin 2017

iOS 11 will deliver "the biggest AR platform in the world", Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, said Monday in a statement. As soon as they can, teams need to get their hands dirty with the iOS 11 developer preview to assess the new opportunities and challenges that lay ahead. "A monumental leap for iPad".

Apple iPhone 8 renders reveal new iOS 11 features including Control Center, redesigned Apple Music tab, Lock Screen, and iMessage integration with Apple Pay.

The Folders app offers an easier and cleaner way to browse files on your iPad.

On the iPad, iOS 11 provides a new dock for apps, a brand new file system and other utility features like drag and drop.

Apple is also starting to phase out 32-bit support for the Mac, telling developers at WWDC that Mac OS High Sierra would be the last to have 32-bit capability "without compromises".

"Users will be able to open a photo in your app without the need for you to prompt for access to their entire photos library".

If your device is not on the above list, we're afraid it's not compatible, and you will have to use the older screen recording methods.

You basically, had two options, the first being to jailbreak you iPhone or iPad.

iOS 11 is out for developers now, with a final release expected in September. Known for their continuous innovation and desire to be the most advanced in the market, the tech giant has some major changes and improvements in store for iPad and iPhone users. Apple has also included an option to "offload" rarely used apps automatically. It still lacks numerous features that drive podcast fans to the competition, though, including smart high-speed mode, and streaming playback.

Safari now has extensions that can help block site trackers and autoplaying videos, and will also be almost 80% faster than Chrome (as claimed by Craig Federighi, Apple's VP of Software Engineering). This includes a new feature called Offload Unused Apps that deletes dormant apps from the phone without losing data on it, Maps improvements like lane guidance, Do Not Disturb While Driving feature, and even speed limit indications.