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Apple May Open Up NFC Chip - But Not To Banks

11 Juin 2017

While your old iPhone 5 or 5C will still work, you won't be able to take advantage of periodic software updates or security fixes from Apple because your phone will no longer be able to support them.

At the event, Apple also introduced the new Files app, a file management tool that works across different apps. When their operating system upgrades in the fall to iOS 11, the new feature will automatically appear in Apple messages.

Apple previewed new features for Mac laptops and desktops, including a new photo managing and editing app, and a new file system that should speed up the devices and improve privacy. The new iOS 11 is compatible with iPhones 5S and higher, as well as both iPads Pro, both iPad Airs plus the mini 2, 3 and 4.

Apple won't make iOS 11 available through its public beta program until next month, but now is as good a time as any to join and get ready for iOS 11.

By default, toggling Offloading on will your iPhone to decide what apps to delete partially. It may be also available from the Purchased tab if they have been downloaded previously.

We will know more when the iOS 11 update comes out globally for iPhone users but for now, it looks like Apple are set to make a number of changes to how the iPhone functions.

The unveiling of Apple's iOS 11 was received with mixed reactions from all over the tech world. It can also be used to control Apple HomeKit devices. The users will have to log into Facebook first in mobile Safari and then head to the third-party app and log into it using Facebook. The documentation page for iOS 11 beta shows that the updated software adds support for Core NFC, which is described as "a new framework for reading Near Field Communications tags and data in NFC Data Exchange Format". Once that's done, shut down the phone and connect it to your computer while holding down the home button (or the volume button if you have an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus) until you see the "Plug into iTunes screen".