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Theresa May promises a "government of certainty" with DUP backing

11 Juin 2017

A stony-faced May, speaking on the doorstep of her official Downing Street residence, said on Friday the government would provide certainty and lead Britain in talks with the European Union to secure a successful Brexit deal.

While May has said she won't make any sudden moves in leadership - leaving Secretary of State for International Development Priti Patel in place - her weakened position and a robust Labour Party in opposition means many Conservative plans around foreign aid will likely lose momentum.

May's party took the most parliamentary seats - 318 - in the UK's snap election that she called in April, but it failed to secure enough support to form a majority government, falling short of the required 326 parliamentary seats.

That's the sort of government that the United Kingdom voted for on 8 June.

She holds a minority in the House of Commons, will be supported on some level by the DUP and somehow must now navigate Britain through Brexit negotiations starting in just under two weeks.

"The arguments the Conservative Party put forward in this election have lost, and we need to change", he said.

Having called an early election in hopes of getting an increased majority that could have strengthened her hand in Britain's exit talks with the European Union, which formerly begin on June 19, but Ms May instead saw her majority evaporate completely.

Although, Kensington and Chelsea are yet to declare a result as tellers were sent home to rest from recounting a closely fought contest between Conservatives and Labour there.

Despite this news from May, Corbyn still maintains Labour were the true winners of the election.

"I fear they will seek the totemic concessions on things like parading and the military covenant rather than acting in the wider interest", she said. Last year, DUP MP Sammy Wilson was caught up in a scandal when a member of the public said that Northern Ireland ought to "get the ethnics out", and he appeared to reply "you are absolutely right".

Referring to the "strong relationship" she had with the DUP but giving little detail of how their arrangement might work, she said the government would "guide the country through the crucial Brexit talks" that begin in just 10 days' time.

But a deal between the DUP and Conservative Party would risk destabilising the political balance in Northern Ireland by increasing the influence of pro-British unionists who have struggled for years with Irish nationalists who want Northern Ireland to join a united Ireland.

The statement came as Mrs May's own MPs sharpened knives against her, and a jubilant Jeremy Corbyn demanded she make way for him to become PM.

"As the successes of David Cameron and Ruth Davidson show, the Conservative party wins when they are led by a liberal Tory, offering compassionate and concrete policies".

"The renewable and clean tech industry has been waiting for almost a year for the release of the Clean Growth Plan and it's now critical for us that we have a clear commitment and direction, no matter what shade of Government". She said the two parties will remain committed to Brexit and securing a new partnership with the EU.

The party's leader Arlene Foster has spoken out against a "hard Brexit", which could threaten this, and so will nearly certainly make this a red line.

"This is a dramatic and significant event for Ireland", political commentator Noel Whelan said of the election result.

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