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Irish PM expresses concern over May's proposed DUP deal

12 Juin 2017

May's Downing St. office said Conservative Chief Whip Gavin Williamson was in Belfast Saturday for talks with the DUP "on how best they can provide support to the government".

The two parties would maintain a close relationship despite the formal break. To hear more about all this, we called Roger Scully once again. I reached him via Skype.

While sterling has retreated as investors with long positions moved back towards neutral, there is no reason to expect further weakness simply because of the election result, said Andrew Milligan, Edinburgh-based head of global strategy for Standard Life Investments. Where I frame it is, we want a tariff-free access to the European market, we also want to maintain a very important university and research collaboration in Europe, and there's a whole host of European agencies - Euratom, security, environment - in which we wish to be part of.

A veteran leftist who unexpectedly became Labour leader in 2015 on a wave of grassroots enthusiasm but was seen by most of his own party's lawmakers as an electoral no-hoper, Corbyn beat expectations with a well-run, policy-rich campaign. "Of course, the core message was all lost because of the cacophony of noise we were making about social care, and so we were having to fight fires that we created ourselves rather than exposing the Labour Party's insane manifesto". And the objective of its campaign seemed to be not to get close even to winning the election but simply to avoid some sort of complete wipeout.

I believe this is a bad mistake with lasting consequences and not just for the very valid reasons raised by Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Tories, about the DUP's attitudes to LGBTI rights.

But Mr Timothy hit out, saying the campaign had failed to spot the surge in Labour support - a direct criticism of Australian campaigner Sir Lynton Crosby, who was also involved in Malcolm Turnbull's disastrous election campaign past year.

Labour has registered a six point lead over the Tories, according to a fresh poll that suggests most Britons would like to see Theresa May resign.

SCULLY: I think Theresa May's finished.

EU Budget Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said it may now be possible to discuss closer ties between Britain and the EU than May had initially planned, given her election flop. Timothy conceded in a statement that he had failed to carry out an effective election campaign, while Hill made no mention of her performance. It was three years before the next scheduled election, and the conservatives already had a secure, if small, majority.

May is now trying to stitch together a credible government this weekend as members in her own party have publicly aired their anger, some calling for her ouster and others demanding radical change in her leadership style.

Sinn Fein is seeking a referendum in the coming years on Northern Ireland splitting with the United Kingdom and joining a united Ireland.

The 1998 Good Friday agreement set up power sharing in Northern Ireland, largely ending years of sectarian violence. The Democratic Unionists are also a fairly hard-right socially conservative political party.

Many of those Conservatives now opposing May are those who wanted to remain in the EU.

Beleaguered May is appointing new members of her government after several of them lost their seats in Parliament in this week's general election that proved disastrous for her Conservative Party.

LONDON:Sterling traded lower against the dollar on Monday, with investors reluctant to buy the currency after a British election yielded no clear majority for any party and threatened to undermine Brexit talks due to begin next week. And it has been the basis ever since under which we have resolved problems between unionists and nationalists that have disrupted the implementation of the peace agreement that ended 30 years of war. So what happens now?

Nearly half of British employers are unprepared for the government's planned changes to immigration rules after Brexit, a survey from the Resolution Foundation think tank showed on Monday.

Irish PM expresses concern over May's proposed DUP deal