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No DUP deal with Theresa May after statement made 'in error'

12 Juin 2017

She will remain the Prime Minister for now, assuming that she can form a government with the DUP party of Northern Ireland.

"Theresa May is a dead woman walking".

"I certainly think that there will be contact made over the weekend, but I think it's too soon to talk about what we're going to do", DUP leader Arlene Foster said, speaking to BBC Radio Ulster.

To make matters worse for May, her main rivals in the Commons, Jeremy Corbyn's Labor Party, did spectacularly well, increasing the size of their numbers to 261 MPs. She had hoped to boost the Conservatives' majority in Parliament and get a stronger mandate in negotiating the Brexit from the European Union.

The sides have until June 29 to secure a deal, but observers fear any concessions to the DUP by May's Conservatives could complicate the talks, deepening the region's political crisis.

Damian Green, a lawmaker in the pro-EU wing of the party, was promoted to first secretary of state - effectively deputy prime minister. Less than a year after May was propelled into Downing Street following Britain's surprise referendum decision to leave the European Union, party insiders were placing bets on how long she could last.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn insisted he "can still be prime minister" as he vowed to fight Theresa May's attempt to run a minority government "all the way".

Shortly after, May told an assembled press corps in Downing Street that having seen the Queen, she would form a government, adding: "a government that can provide certainty and lead Britain forward at this critical time for our country".

"It's an issue very close to my heart and one that I wanted categoric assurances from the prime minister on, and I received (them)", said Davidson, who is engaged to be married to her female partner.

It was also likely to seek to include Northern Ireland in the "Military Covenant", which ensures that veterans of the British armed forces receive priority medical treatment in the remainder of the United Kingdom.

After confirming on Friday that her top five ministers would keep their jobs, including finance minister Philip Hammond, May is expected to continue to appoint the government that will take on one of the most demanding negotiations in British history.

Johnson denied the reports as "tripe" and said: "I am backing Theresa May". We should remember this was, as you said at the beginning, a snap election.

May also reappointed an old adversary - Michael Gove, a former rival for the Conservative leadership whom May fired from the Cabinet when she took office a year ago.

The value of the British pound tumbled 1.6%, to $1.27, immediately after the exit poll results came out.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Mirror, Mr Corbyn is champing at the bit and buzzing with enthusiasm.

"I'm ready for another general election", Corbyn said.

"We can confirm that the Democratic Unionist party have agreed to the principles of an outline agreement to support the Conservative government on a confidence and supply basis when parliament returns next week", a government spokesman said.

Labour had not secured anywhere near enough House of Commons seats to form a government, even with support from potential allies such as the Scottish National Party and other smaller parties.

No DUP deal with Theresa May after statement made 'in error'