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Speed up Brexit talks to avoid 'no deal', EU tells UK

12 Juin 2017

May opted for a snap election to boost her parliamentary majority and strengthen her hand in the -Brexit talks due to begin in just 10 days.

Despite facing calls to quit after her election gamble to win a stronger mandate backfired, May will proceed on Friday to ask Queen Elizabeth for permission to form a government.

"As far as the commission is concerned, we can open negotiations tomorrow morning at half-past nine", he said. In a letter congratulating May on her reappointment, Tusk later warned there was "no time to lose" in starting the negotiations.

"The big picture is that political uncertainty could take weeks or months to be resolved and it is likely to weigh on both financial markets (in particular the pound) and the economy", said Paul Hollingsworth, economist at Capital Economics in London.

"Yet another own goal, after Cameron now May will make already complex negotiations even more complicated", Verhofstadt tweeted, comparing the outcome to former British prime minister David Cameron's ill-fated decision to call last year's Brexit referendum.

Mrs. Merkel, who is meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to discuss trade, told reporters gathered in Mexico City on Friday: "I assume that Britain, from what I heard from the prime minister today, wants to stick to its negotiating plan". "Therefore I am expecting uncertainty, because it has an effect on everything".

When the talks do begin, there could be a very different approach from the "hard Brexit" advocated by May that would involve leaving Europe's single market and curbing European immigration.

"It is this turn of events which could provide the most worrisome for future negotiations, in which many if not all players stand to lose with a hard border across Ireland and no trade agreement between the European Union and UK", Larik told Xinhua.

"The "we can walk without a deal" strategy now looks completely dead". So far May had followed a strong position, signaling a hard line Brexit along the reasoning "better no deal than a bad deal" with the EU.

Prime Minister Theresa May chose to hold a snap election to boost her majority and strengthen her hand in European Union divorce talks.

Though The Guardian reports that there are fears in the EU Parliament that the "hung parliament and weak prime minister are a "disaster" that threaten negotiations", it seems likely that Brexit will go ahead regardless.

However, any delay to talks with the European Union regarding Brexit could hurt the UK's standing in credit markets.

"We don't know when Brexit talks start".

But Germany's European affairs minister, Michael Roth, noted that the schedule was tight.

The difficulty for the United Kingdom is that the EU's position is unlikely to shift: Britain will not be able to stay in the single market without accepting freedom of movement.

"The British have spoken, they have voted, and have given the Conservative party a majority, albeit a simple majority, which is something of a surprise", Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on France's Europe 1 radio station.

It didn't stop there, though - with others calling for Brussels to wait and see if Britain's position on Brexit changed before deciding on their next move.

Last night's election was meant to provide a clear mandate for Mrs May to negotiate Brexit but instead has now - yet again - thrown everything in the air.

Speed up Brexit talks to avoid 'no deal', EU tells UK