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Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins Not Signed On Yet

12 Juin 2017

Given that the film has been praised heavily by critics and became the highest-grossing opener ever directed by woman with a $103.3 million debut weekend, it seems like a no-brainer for Warner hire Jenkins for the sequel. She took over Wonder Woman after Michelle MacLaren left over creative differences.

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Just when we thought we couldn't love this badass warrior anymore, she goes and send us tons of love and good energy. The Hollywood Reporter is saying that soon, Warner Brothers will begin talking with Jenkins about the sequel.

Although the film is set in 1918, speaking to our Entertainment Team, Gal Gadot said she believes "all of Wonder Woman's values are really relevant", explaining she is all about "love and compassion and truth and justice". "She really is inspirational".

It's not a stretch to start hoping for more Wonder Woman movies, especially since the DC Multiverse is just starting to get its footing, as the upcoming Aquaman and movies are definitely highly anticipated.

"My favorite scene to shoot was riding Vendeval, the gray stallion, through the yellow field".

"Wonder Woman" features the battles, villains and quirky supporting characters you would expect in a superhero movie, as well as the special effects needed to make everything believable. The most challenging was when I run up the stairs away from my tutor. I could get down with a ghost Chris Pine.

The nine-year-old, Scottish-born actress, on top of acting, is an equestrian who combines acting and showjumping. Patty Jenkins was no different since her only previous film experience was directing the much smaller budgeted drama Monster. The actress posted a video to Facebook on Wednesday (June 7) thanking fans for making Wonder Woman the sensation that it is.

Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins Not Signed On Yet