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Britain's PM May to face party lawmakers after election disaster

13 Juin 2017

When contesting the leadership of his own party a year ago, Corbyn said medical research "shouldn't be farmed out to big pharmaceutical companies".

On Monday, she faces members of the Conservatives' 1922 Committee, which can trigger a vote of confidence in a party leader if it receives letters from 15 percent of the party's MPs. Leave and Remain Tories alike will now dispense with May's communitarian conservatism and return the party to a more liberal conservatism, either of the Thatcherite or Cameronite variety. However, according to The Mirror, she was crestfallen on election night.

Speaking to reporters today, Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar said that the election result had significant implications."I do have a sense that the landscape does change somewhat as a result of the British election", Varadkar, who is expected to be voted in as prime minister on Wednesday, told reporters. She's taking us back to those times. The precise nature of the relationship they are targeting is not yet clear. As it failed, Theresa May's position is clearly weakened and she had to let her two Chiefs of Staff (Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill) go.

Political commentators said later that May had steered herself through the first meeting of her cabinet at 10 Downing Street, and then through the meeting of backbenchers, easing at least for the moment calls for her to be replaced as prime minister.

'That's what you are going to see, you are going to see in the next few weeks her taking back command, her taking back the reins, her showing the world what she's good at which is delivering for the country.

A failure to gain support from the Northern Irish party would risk the Queen's Speech being voted down next week, and Jeremy Corbyn has said Labour will be pushing hard for that outcome.

May must present the new government's upcoming legislative programme to parliament on June 19 in the Queen's Speech.

A Conservative source said the move to include Gove in her cabinet may suggest she has learnt a lesson after firing George Osborne, the former finance minister who as editor of London's Evening Standard newspaper, has become a vocal critic.

One debacle was her claim that she had not reversed course when she chose to impose a cap on the total cost of social care bills to be borne by middle-class families; the Conservative manifesto (or party platform) that had been released just four days earlier insisted that such families would have to pay all their care costs up to £100,000 of assets.

Closer Ties With the EU?

"I think there is concern about the policies of the DUP, the domestic policies in Northern Ireland, but I think it's pretty clear that any arrangement that is reached is not going to be a full coalition", he told BBC Radio.

Sources say US President Trump has told PM Theresa May he refuses to visit the United Kingdom if there are public protests, see The Guardian.

Brexit minister David Davis insisted the government still aimed to take Britain out of the European Union single market.

Ratings agency Moody's and Irish Prime Minister-designate Leo Varadkar also said the election made the opportunity of a "Soft Brexit" more likely, but Davis downplayed the chances of Britain staying in the single market.

Mrs May met the committee amid suggestions from some Conservative MPs that she would have to stand down following the disastrous election result which has resulted in the Tories seeking support from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to prop up their Government.

DUP leader Arlene Foster said there had been "very good discussions" so far and she would travel to London to meet May tomorrow.

She kept as her foreign minister Boris Johnson, another leader of the Brexit campaign whose first task was to reject reports he planned to make a bid for May's job.

In a sign that a fresh clash over Europe is looming among the Tories, Brexit Secretary David Davis said it's "pretty plain" the government wants to control the UK's borders and laws, which means leaving the single market and customs union while trying to negotiate a new trade deal.

As discussion continued, a leading business organization said the political uncertainty is leading to a "dramatic drop" in confidence.

Britain's PM May to face party lawmakers after election disaster