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Iran urges Arab nations to end Qatar crisis

13 Juin 2017

The Kuwaiti foreign minister said his country will not abandon mediation efforts until the impasse is resolved, the state-run KUNA news agency reported, adding that Qatar is "ready to understand" the concerns of its neighbors and bolster stability in the region.

Qatar's port authority published video Monday showing a ship arriving at Doha's Hamad Port from Oman's port of Sohar.

The UAE has, for decades, served as a central stopping point in cargo shipments.

But last week the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt severed economic and diplomatic ties with Qatar, alleging it supported terrorist groups and Iran.

The gas-rich emirate strongly rejects the allegations. Saudi Arabia also sealed Qatar's only land border, a key passageway for food imports.

Qatar has been isolated for the past week by Saudi and others over "terrorism" and because of its relatively relaxed approach to relations with Jeddah's great regional rival, Iran.

Turkey and Iran have been providing food and water supplies to Qatar.

Qahtani further told AFP that while Qatar would continue to seek a dialog-based resolution of the recent tensions, it would seek to engage with more countries as part of its independent foreign policy. Prices of Qatar's worldwide bonds have dropped sharply, but in answer to another question, Emadi said he saw no need for the government to step into the market and buy those bonds to support prices.

"We expect our friends to stand up with us in this unfair, illegal blockade conducted by four countries", the CEO told Al-Jazeera.

"We are closely monitoring and assessing all developments, and are prepared to take the necessary decisions and measures, should the need arise, to ensure that we always honor our commitments and obligations to all our customers and partners locally, regionally, and internationally", the statement said.

JEDDAH: Qatar Airways' chief executive officer slammed the USA response to the Gulf crisis and accused it of "adding fuel to the fire".

"We have legal channels to object to this", he said.

"(The US) should be the leader trying to break this blockade and not sitting and watching what's going on and actually putting fuel on (the) fire".

Moody's Investors Service sees the potential to push up Qatar's borrowing costs. Qatar's sovereign credit strength will be hurt primarily on higher funding costs, while a pick-up in foreign investment outflows would drain foreign-exchange reserves, it said. On Sunday, the Qatari foreign minister thanked Russian Federation but said the help was not needed so far.

In a worst case scenario, only two unidentified lenders would have to dip into their investment securities portfolio, S&P concluded.

While there was no mention of the access issues in its financial results as they took after the end of the financial year, Qatar Airways said its 2016 growth was impacted by production delays to the Airbus SE A350 and engine problems with the A320Neo.