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Justices side with Microsoft in Xbox 360 class action case

13 Juin 2017

During the E3 conference Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox One Xm, which is capable of 4K HDR gaming. The system also runs games at 60 frames- per2 and for the same reason it is labeled as "the most powerful console ever made". The other headlining news is that the Xbox One X will be released in all Xbox One markets starting 7 November, priced at $499 United States dollars / 449 GBP / 499 Euro / 599 CAD/ 649 AUD.

The Xbox One X, codenamed "Project Scorpio", will feature 12 GB RAM and a graphics unit offering 6 teraflops of processing power.

"This show right here, is about consoles, it's about great games", said the head of the division of Xbox Phil Spencer to the BBC question on virtual reality.

Instead, fans who visit the Microsoft, GAME and Amazon websites can register interest in the new console. However, the highlight of the evening was easily the official announcement of the long awaited #Project Scorpio: the Xbox One X. The Xbox One X is all set to hit shelves worldwide starting from November 7.

Both, the Xbox One and the new Xbox One X come with a backwards compatibility for the Xbox 360 games. While it can power any games meant for the Xbox One and Xbox One S, the Xbox One X can also power true 4K gaming.

Here's a little more info about the Xbox One X, courtesy of Microsoft.

Microsoft has shared the first image for the upcoming Xbox Duke Controller for the Xbox One.

Microsoft have released their new Xbox One X, billing it as the most powerful video console ever, and escalating a battle with market king PlayStation 4.

Spencer announced that Xbox will expand the Xbox One backward compatibility library of almost 400 popular Xbox 360 games to include original Xbox classics, starting with fan favourite "Crimson Skies". And one of the biggest-name titles for the new Xbox One X is Forza Motorsport 7, which runs at native 4K and 60fps.

Moreover, for the Xbox One X, some of the games will get a 4k resolution update for free.

Justices side with Microsoft in Xbox 360 class action case