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Qatar begins shipping cargo through Oman to bypass Gulf rift

13 Juin 2017

He added that most of the names on the list had no real link to Qatar, adding that numerous individuals mentioned had never visited the country.

Qatar today started the transportation of maritime cargo through Oman, after it was forced by a naval boycott imposed by neighboring countries that broke off diplomatic relations, while it continues receiving planes laden with food from Iran.

In a post on Twitter Monday, the small budget airline says it welcomes applications from Saudi nationals working for Qatar Airways on the Airbus A320.

Qatar's official overseer of charities denied on Sunday that philanthropic groups in the country backed terrorism, saying it deplored the accusation.

"You have to starve the beast, and we're going to starve the beast, believe me", Trump said.

Mounting tensions between Qatar and its neighbors spilled over last week when Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain all cut diplomatic ties, accusing Qatar of supporting "terrorism".

Qatar's port authority published video showing a container ship loaded down with cargo arriving at Doha's Hamad Port from Oman's Sohar Port, to a water-cannon welcome.

Qatar is the world's largest producer and exporter of liquified natural gas, but it heavily relies on imports for food staples and raw materials.

Qatar can easily defend its economy and currency against sanctions by other Arab states, Qatari finance minister Ali Sherif Al-Emadi told CNBC television in an interview broadcast yesterday.

On Friday Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt tightened their squeeze on Qatar by putting dozens of figures and charities they link to the country on terrorism blacklists.

According to various reports, it funds al-Qaeda, Hizballah, Hamas, and a host of other terrorist networks including the Muslim Brotherhood, and though it is supposedly a Sunni nation, it has aligned itself with Shiite Iran.

He said Qatar must also do more to address support for extremist organisations, building on the steps they have already taken to tackle funding to those groups. "Airlines offices are not political arms", he said.

The leadership from Pakistan will to mediate and ease the diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Al-Emadi said Qatar's government didn't need to buy back its bonds.

Chinese shipping line Cosco announced that it was suspending services to Qatar despite the emergence of this new route.

The UN should declare Gulf Arab measures against Qatari air traffic illegal, the chief executive of Qatar Airways said in comments to CNN. On Sunday, the Qatari foreign minister thanked Russian Federation but said the help was not needed so far.

Qatar begins shipping cargo through Oman to bypass Gulf rift