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Sessions's Testimony Clears Sessions (But Not Trump)

15 Juin 2017

During a discussion after the hearing on Anderson Cooper 360, Trump surrogate and former Trump aide Jason Miller remarked that Harris was "hysterical" during her question-and-answer period with Sessions, which correspondent Kirsten Powers called him out on.

"I have no knowledge of any such conversations by anyone connected to the Trump campaign", he said. But he wrote in his recusal statement that as AG he would have nothing to do with any FBI investigation regarding the presidential campaign, which would have to include the Clinton investigation which he mentioned in his letter to the president as evidence for his recommending Comey's firing.

But: When Comey brought it up the next day, Sessions said he agreed it wasn't a good idea to be alone with the president. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is sworn-in on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, June 13, 2017, prior to testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing about his role in the firing of James Comey, his Russ. We know, because Donald Trump told us, that the real reason he fired Comey was because of the former FBI director's approach to the Russian Federation investigation.

Sessions also pushed back against Comey's suggestion he may have failed to take appropriate steps to protect the Federal Bureau of Investigation chief from political pressure.

Then there was the fact, revealed in Sessions' testimony yesterday, that he had never met with Comey to discuss what he took to be his poor performance. After a picture of the actual Sessions was dismissed too, Corden finally settled on a visual interpretation of the former senator: an uncooked potato.

But Harris wouldn't allow him to fully answer and cut him off with another question.

SESSIONS: No - yes, I do. I was responding to this allegation...

"Our committee will want to hear what you are doing to ensure that the Russians - or any other foreign adversaries - can not attack our democratic process like this ever again. And when asked I said that to the president". He does not acknowledge the unanimous conclusions of the US intelligence community that Russian Federation massively intervened in our election. "At all times throughout the course of the campaign, the confirmation process, and since becoming attorney general, I have dedicated myself to the highest standards". Did Trump complain about the Russian Federation probe at that meeting?

American intelligence agencies believe that Russian hackers were directed by the Kremlin to try to sway the presidential election in Trump's favour. He refuted reports that he had met with a Russian official at the Mayflower Hotel a year ago. He meant Sessions had no legal right to refuse to answer the committee's questions. When he wasn't lying he said he could not recall.

"Will you let me qualify it?"

Still from last night's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, we learnt that Mr Sessions "cannot recall", "to the best of his knowledge" anything that actually matters and those he can recall, he "cannot disclose" because his sole goal in life may be to "protect" President Donald Trump's right to make (the worst) decisions based on executive privilege. "It is absurd, frankly, to suggest that a recusal from a single specific investigation would render the attorney general unable to manage the leadership of the various Department of Justice law enforcement components that conduct thousands of investigations", he said.

In fact, Russian election meddling was the very first thing the committee tackled in public this year, on January 10 - before Trump was even sworn in as president.

Sessions repeatedly danced around questions regarding assertions of executive privilege - effectively he said he couldn't answer certain questions because there remained the possibility that Trump could assert executive privilege at some point down the road.

But no one asked him and we may never know why!

The reason why this is really important is because he was asked subsequently by Susan Collins, Republican of ME, if you were recused from all things Russian Federation and from the Russian Federation investigation, why were you involved in firing the guy, James Comey, who was conducting the Russian Federation investigation?

During Tuesday's appearance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen.

But the attorney general pushed back hard when asked what those problematic matters could be, retorting: "There are none".

Sessions's Testimony Clears Sessions (But Not Trump)