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US politician shot at baseball practice in critical condition after surgery

15 Juin 2017

"Steve Scalise is a wonderful person, a close friend, and a great leader".

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said President Trump and Vice President Pence were aware of the incident. There were a number of congressmen and congressional staffers who help us lying on the ground. According to the Washington Post, James T. Hodgkinson, 66, has been named by law enforcement.

He also called Mr Scalise - who was shot in the hip and is in a critical condition after surgery - a "patriot and a fighter".

U.S. Capitol Police say the officers wounded while responding to the shooting of a congressman are expected to survive. The shooting happened during a congressional baseball practice. According to both congressional and law enforcement sources, the shooting appears to be a "deliberate attack".

Rep. Jeff Duncan said in a statement that he was at the practice and said "saw the shooter".

David Miller, who saw the shooting, described a scene in which some players were far enough away from the gunman to run for shelter, while others were pinned down in the middle of the ball field.

At a news conference, the authorities declined to identify the suspect. "It's really raw at this moment", Slater said. The Congress members were at a morning baseball practice. The nature of their injuries was not immediately clear.

The charity ballgame, played off and on since 1909, pits Democrats against Republicans in a friendly rivalry. Shots rang out for more than four minutes in Nathan's video.

Lawmakers took cover in the dugout. Once they were able, Sen.

According to an Associated Press news alert sent just before 3 p.m., Scalise was in critical condition following surgery.

"Our lives were saved by the Capitol Hill police".

She paid tribute to the police force and said she was praying for President Trump - specifically that "his presidency will be successful and that his family will be safe". Brooks said the shooter said nothing during the rampage.

Rep. Brad Wenstrup of OH, a former combat surgeon, applied pressure to the wound, Flake said. However, Flake said that "50 would be an understatement".

After the shots subsided, he and others at the scene attempted to tend to Scalise's wound, while Brooks took off his belt and used it as a tourniquet for a bleeding staffer who had been shot in the leg. "We are ever awed by the tremendous bravery of the Capitol police", said House Speaker Ryan following the shooting. She said the officer had gotten out of a parked auto, drawn a handgun and shouted something to the gunman, who then fired. It continues to fire at different people. The man calmly asked which party's lawmakers were practicing and Duncan told him they were the Republicans.

The House canceled all votes for the day.

Additionally, the House Committee on Natural Resources as chose to postpone a hearing scheduled for later today the SHARE Act (Sportsmen's Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act), legislation that would make it easier for gun owners buy silencers. Ryan added that he is "awed by the tremendous bravery of the Capitol Police".

President Trump described the attack as a "very, very brutal assault". "I am about to attend a classified security briefing to obtain more facts".

Zack Barth, who worked in the Williams' office, started his job in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2016.

Trump won the USA presidential election in November and took office in January.

Also shot were a congressional staffer and members of the Capitol police force. "Our thoughts and prayers are with him". Neither was at the practice.

The event raised questions about the security of members of Congress. Giffords resigned from Congress and became an activist for gun restrictions.

While people were commenting on Hodgkinson's Facebook, others targeted what is believed to be his wife's page, telling her that she should be "ashamed" and saying that they "bet" she was "real proud of yer asshat now".

Loughner pleaded guilty in 2012 and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

This story is developing.

US politician shot at baseball practice in critical condition after surgery