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Rosenstein says he's seen no good cause to fire counsel

17 Juin 2017

Goldsmith takes heart that if this "crazy scenario" ever happened, "Congress would rise up quickly to stop the president" and noted: "If I am naive in thinking this, then we are indeed in trouble".

It's true that the ex-FBI director is amassing a team that not only includes top investigative talent but also has a partisan tilt: Jeannie Rhee, Michael Dreeben, Andrew Weissmann and James Quarles are renowned in their fields and have made repeated donations to Democrats.

But Ruddy himself calls it a bad idea, and many, many people reportedly agree - including a host of presidential advisors. Lindsey Graham told Politico on Monday night that firing Mueller 'would be a disaster'.

Mueller has been widely respected by many in Washington from both sides of the aisle, but not everyone is a fan.

Many conservative legal experts and Trump allies - including Ruddy - are warning Trump strongly against removing Mueller, saying it would backfire spectacularly and lead to charges of obstruction.

"I think that Mueller shouldn't have taken the position", Ruddy said, "if he was under consideration and had a private conversation with the president and was privy maybe to some of his thoughts about that investigation or other matters before the bureau". "These investigations are important", Ryan said. The need to be thorough.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., accused the media of "creating a rumor that's not happening".

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Tuesday that Trump called him Monday night because of Gingrich's concerns about the Russian Federation probe.

"Mr Ruddy never spoke to the president regarding this issue", Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that if Trump fired Mueller, "Congress would immediately re-establish independent counsel and appoint Bob Mueller", adding "Don't waste our time".

Session will also testify before the House later Tuesday, scheduled to discuss the department budget. "Special Counsel Mueller will have all appropriate resources to conduct a thorough and complete investigation, and I am confident that he will follow the facts, apply the law and reach a just result".

Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigators have asked for information and will talk to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security Agency Director Adm. Mike Rogers, according to a source familiar with the matter. That's what I would do. "If there were not good cause, it would not matter what anybody says". "And I'm not going to speculate on what he will or will not do", Sekulow said.

Sessions, who outranks Rosenstein, has recused himself formally from overseeing any part of the Russian Federation investigation. When asked about the interview Ruddy said: "My quote is accurate".

But Ruddy continued to double, triple and quadruple down Tuesday morning. In all, the Russian hackers hit systems in a total of 39 states, one of them said.

So what's going on here?

A poll last month by Harvard-Harris suggested 75 per cent of Americans wanted a special prosecutor.

They don't mind stirring the pot to distract, deliberately provoke and disrupt. Gingrich pointed to Federal Election Commission reports that showed that some members of Mueller's staff had contributed to Democratic candidates, including Hillary Clinton, in the past.

Rosenstein says he's seen no good cause to fire counsel