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'Wonder Woman' Buries 'The Mummy' At The Box Office

18 Juin 2017

So it is all set to be the biggest opening for a Tom Cruise movie ever. It's the lowest opening for any "Mummy" film since its modern revival, which began in 1999 in a remake starring Brendan Fraser.

In a statement to THR, a Universal exec said the film's rotten reviews didn't help. "The Mummy", starring Tom Cruise, failed to deliver in its debut, managing to dig up just $32.2 million, falling short of expectations.

That couldn't compete with Wonder Woman.

The Mummy fared better overseas, however, where the film was No. 1 with $141.8 million from 63 territories.

Universal's first big release in their so-called Dark Universe has officially bombed at the domestic box office, but The Mummy has at least managed to scrape back its budget internationally.

His star power is strong overseas where audiences care less about Tom's public relations disasters including the famous Oprah Winfrey incident where he jumped on her couch while declaring his love for Katie Holmes.

The Mummy a B- CinemaScore from audiences.

Universal distribution executives trumpeted the film's worldwide performance while acknowledging the North American gross left something to be desired. With the goal of creating their own "super team" of characters (akin to the Avengers or the Justice League, but with, you know, monsters), the studio put together the Dark Universe. The studio that was built on classics including "Dracula", "The Wolf Man", and "Frankenstein" has already slated a "Bride of Frankenstein" movie for 2019 with half a dozen or so others in the works.

The Mummy is now playing in theaters worldwide. Things are still looking on par for a final gross of $75 million or so in the US.

Universal has grown enormous franchises from humble beginnings before, most notably with the now dominant and never-ending "Fast and the Furious" movies.

Wonder Woman, boasting a domestic total of $163.6 million through Friday, is expected to jump the $200 million mark on Sunday, its 10th day in release. The DC Extended Universe film scored a stellar $57.2 in its second week to claim the top spot, down a mere 45% from last week's $103.3 million start.

"Every movie is it's own DNA", Duncan Clark, Universal's president of global distribution commented about the "Dark Universe".

'Wonder Woman' Buries 'The Mummy' At The Box Office