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'Alt-Right' Condemned By Southern Baptist Convention

19 Juin 2017

Of course they'd vote to condemn the people trying to re-brand white supremacy as "alt-right".

A day later, he apologized.

"Racism and white supremacy are, sadly, not extinct but present all over the world in various white supremacist movements, sometimes known as "white nationalism" or 'alt-right, '" the resolution states.

It also animated many well-intentioned clergy and laypeople within and beyond the SBC who lament the strands of white supremacy and blindness to racial inequity that still persist in churches.

But the motion was never considered because, according to one leader from the committee that decides which resolutions to consider, the motion contained wording that implicated conservatives, including those who don't support the "alt-right".

"This past year, I have emphasized prayer everywhere I went", he said.

But he added, "I guess I'm disappointed because they could have done that all the time". Southern Baptist pastors from across the country gather annually to discuss their beliefs and practices.

From the advocacy of white supremacy and black slavery a new Baptist denomination was born.

McKissic said he was satisfied with the final resolution and hoped it would be a stepping stone for further action on racial justice.

The SBC was founded in 1845 in defense of slave-holding missionaries.

Richard Land, the former commission head, was instrumental in the passage of a 1995 resolution in which Southern Baptists lamented slavery and apologized to African-Americans for condoning racism.

[Rev. Russell] Moore vehemently condemned candidate Trump. "What's the reason they couldn't so readily say that white supremacy is wrong and the alt-right is evil?"

A Southern Baptist Convention proposal to condemn a white nationalist group drew some backlash during the convention's annual meeting on Tuesday when a committee first declined to bring a proposed resolution to a vote.

After McKissic made an unsuccessful plea for reconsideration from the floor of the Phoenix meeting late Tuesday, pressure began building online and at the convention for the Southern Baptists to say something. Since then, the denomination has passed resolutions supporting racial reconciliation and calling on Christians to stop displaying the Confederate flag.

McKissic's move was initially rejected by the resolutions committee, whose chair Barrett Duke told reporters afterward the panel spent a number of hours considering the proposal "before we finally said we just didn't see a way that we could speak to the multiple issues that were raised in that resolution in a way that we felt would be constructive". "They get solved by doing something about them".

If the resolutions committee decides not to hear a proposal, delegates are permitted to re-introduce it from the floor for a second consideration.

"I'm going to make sure that this Southern Baptist Convention is not going to complete with any illusion that this entity supports in any way a racist group, especially in light of the fact that this convention was founded on racist ideologically", Kell said. Steve Gaines, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, said he wanted to send the message that "we love everybody on this planet".

In the end, black Baptists and white Baptists agreed that the denomination had ultimately done the right thing. By Wednesday evening, leaders had passed a revised statement disavowing the racist ideologies.

"It's just surprising that one clause would have prevented them from approving the resolution", Whalum said. He said the initial resolution did not clearly define who the alt-right is. After his measure was rejected, some Southern Baptists defended the outcome in part by pointing to their repeated condemnations of racism over the years. It noted how in 2012 it elected its first black president. "We believe that we are all together in the gospel as Southern Baptists, and we want to do everything we can to eliminate" barriers and any racism that exists.

The resolution came in the wake of a presidential election that saw white supremacists and the alt-right movement galvanized under Donald Trump.

"We must stand strong", Hedman said.

'Alt-Right' Condemned By Southern Baptist Convention