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Cosby jury asks to rehear hours of testimony

19 Juin 2017

Pulliam accompanied Cosby to the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on June 4, the first day of his two-week trial.

McMonagle did not deny that Cosby slept with Constand but argued that the relationship was consensual.

Mr. Cosby faces three counts of aggravated indecent assault and could face as much as 30 years in prison if convicted. The resulting sequestration of the seven men and five women on Cosby's jury - along with six alternates - has made the 79-year-old comic legend's trial all the more complicated.

O'Neill ordered the sequestered jury, which was selected in Pittsburgh, to return to court at 9 a.m. Wednesday to resume deliberations.

Deliberations have worn on for about 16 hours since the jury got the case on Monday night.

Before Wednesday's reading of Constand's testimony, the jurors had asked Judge O'Neill a total of four questions seeking clarification and re-reading of excerpts of Cosby's own words about his encounter with Constand at his home in suburban Philadelphia. The defense called one witness to the stand this past Monday morning and rested its case after less than 10 minutes.

She said Cosby gave her three pills and wine before touching her breasts, putting his fingers in her vagina and putting her hand on his erect penis after she sought his advice about moving to Canada and switching careers.

On Tuesday night, the jury hearing the sexual assault case did not come to a conclusion, and as he was leaving the courtroom along with his legal team, Bill Cosby shouted out the catchphrase for "Fat Albert: "Hey, hey, hey!"

Approximately 60 other women have made similar allegations against the former star of the hit 1980s TV comedy "The Cosby Show", but only Constand's accusation is recent enough to allow for criminal prosecution. Kelly Johnson testfied that she was drugged and assaulted in 1996 so prosecutors could establish a pattern.

But he said he no longer had them when he met Constand in 2002 at Temple University. The jury could also split the verdict, handing up - in the messiest imaginable scenario - one guilty, one not guilty and one hung jury.

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP) - The jury in Bill Cosby's sex assault case hunkered down for a third day of deliberations Wednesday, out of sight of the growing horde of media and onlookers assembled on the courthouse steps to await a verdict.

Constand was challenged by Angela Agrusa, one of Cosby's attorneys. Prosecutors and police detectives read aloud portions of Cosby's statements to police in 2005 and in a civil deposition in 2006.

In addition, Constand initially told police that she had not been alone with Cosby prior to the alleged assault and that they had little contact after.

Brian McMonagle, one of Cosby's lawyers, highlighted Constand's inconsistencies.

Cosby jury asks to rehear hours of testimony