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Hawaii passes law committing state to Paris climate deal

19 Juin 2017

The missive takes a strong stance against the USA, typical for the secretive regime.

He said the US leader has asked to look at possibly reversing agreements on some protected areas, "and that would be a disaster".

If the going to do its part to fight the real threat of climate change, Trump's decision must be viewed not as permission to relax environmentally friendly practices but as a challenge to do more to protect the planet for future generations. Trump argued that the Paris agreement favors emerging economies such as China's and India's at the expense of USA workers. He is equally underestimating the political blowback from his efforts to undermine US climate and clean energy policy through attacks on the Clean Power Plan, the clean vehicle standards, energy efficiency and renewable energy. There is substantial economic opportunity in renewables.

The nations that remain in the Paris Agreement will be the nations that reap the benefits in jobs and industries created.

"The Trump administration's announcement undermines a key pillar in the fight against climate change and damages the world's ability to avoid the most unsafe and costly effects of climate change", the "We Are Still In" letter said. Former U.S. presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush established marine reserves, and so did former British Prime Minister David Cameron, he said.

Bruce stressed that the USA can't afford to fall behind its global partners. Well, since the the second-biggest emitter of greenhouse gases - only China emits more - we must carry a substantial share of the load. In India, solar energy not only costs less than energy from new coal plants, it costs less than energy from existing coal plants. The U.S. has been a global leader since World War II.

Since Trump's decision, 257 mayors across the country have made pledges similar to Lempert's and have formed a network called Mayors National Climate Action Agenda (MNCAA), according to the statement.

Although the out of the accord, Canada remains signed on. Taking a step back while momentum is building would hurt our country, reducing our credibility with other world leaders and compromising our ability to participate in the booming global clean energy economy.

States can do a great deal to mitigate climate change and pollution, as shown by the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative over the last decade-plus.

Hawaii passes law committing state to Paris climate deal