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Korea: US Nuke Envoy's N. Korea Visit was Purely Humanitarian

19 Juin 2017

Otto Warmbier had been in North Korea for a brief time over New Year's on a group tour, while on his way to Hong Kong for a financial course he was to take as part of his undergraduate studies. "Over the last 18 months, they have had to endure more than any family should have to bear".

They also said they are grateful he "will finally be with people who love him". "At the moment, we're just treating this like he's been in an accident". She was sick all day, she said.

David Simons was marveling that another country could treat an American like this.

But State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said the visit "had nothing to do with the release".

Since March previous year, Otto Warmbier was in a coma. "He grew up here, people know him well, we wish him the very best and we wish him a full recovery", McCauley said. Governments from around the world also looked down upon the North Korean court's decision. And how does the Trump administration respond?

Tillerson said the State Department is continuing to discuss three other detained Americans with North Korea. Swedish diplomats, representing USA interests, were denied consular access to him.

In Seoul, South Korea, U.S. Undersecretary of State Thomas Shannon said "we pray for him and we pray for his family". Former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman, left, towers over North Korean children during his visit to Mangyongdae, the birth place of late North Korean leader Kim Il Sung on Wednesday, June 14, 2017, in Pyongyang, North Korea. The school has close historical ties to Yanbian University in Jilin, China, near the border with North Korea. "We strongly, strongly suggest that Americans do not go to North Korea".

A Wyoming man held prisoner in North Korea for over a year is returning to OH tonight, but the news isn't all happy.

"During his time in our country, USA citizen Kim Sang Duk attempted to overthrow the state, a hostile crime".

The White House says a US envoy met with North Korean foreign ministry representatives in Norway last month as part of efforts to win freedom for Americans held by Pyongyang.

Leigh said he was detained in the room at Pyongyang's Sunan Airport for four days on charges of spying on North Korea military facilities.

Following the May meeting in Oslo, North Korea urgently requested another meeting, which took place last week between the USA envoy on North Korea, Joseph Yun, and the North's ambassador at the NY. In 2013, ahead of his first trip, I wrote a tipsheet for Rodman on the vile record of the North Korean regime.

"They were looking at ways to do that and this was one of the instruments they were looking at, and the foreign ministry thought it was advisable to formally extend an invitation", he told AFP. A medical team and aircraft were organized, and North Korea was informed that a delegation would travel there. Critics of engagement with North Korea say Rodman's visits legitimize the country's ruling regime.

He was met by North Korean Vice Minister of Sports Son Kwang Ho.

Yun arrived in Pyongyang early Monday with two USA physicians.

But the important thing in the immediate future is Mr. Warmbier's health.

At a press conference before his trial, a sobbing Warmbier said he had made "the worst mistake of my life" and pleaded to be released. A plane carrying Warmbier arrived at a Cincinnati airport around 10:20 p.m. Tuesday.

He informed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who consulted with Trump, the officials said. The Warmbiers said they were told their son had remained in a coma since then.

Officials could not immediately confirm USA media reports that Warmbier had fallen into a coma during his incarceration. Sadly, he is in a coma and we have been told that he has been in that condition since March of 2016.

The North Koreans later urgently requested another meeting in NY. He flew home Tuesday in a coma-like state, according to some media reports.

He said: "We are in a stage where we are moving into this next effort of 'Are we going to have to, in effect, start taking secondary sanctions because countries we have provided information to have not, or are unwilling, or don't have the ability to do that?'" We devoutly hope that good medical care can quickly restore his physical condition. Rodman, in an interview with CNN before landing in North Korea, said he was "trying to accomplish something we both need", referring to himself and the Trump administration.

The three are businessman Kim Dong Chul, arrested in April 2016, and two academics at the Western-funded, private Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, Tony Kim and Kim Hak-Song, arrested in April and May this year.

Korea: US Nuke Envoy's N. Korea Visit was Purely Humanitarian