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London highrise fire: Police say 79 people are dead or missing

19 Juin 2017

They were spotted in high-visibility jackets in the area on Sunday afternoon. We are angry about the inadequacy of the response and the longstanding neglect of our buildings by the council and building management.

The Home Office said it was "making arrangements" for the family of 23-year-old Syrian refugee Mohammad Alhajali - the first victim to be formally identified - to travel to the United Kingdom for his funeral.

Each family will be offered support from their own named mental health practitioner, in addition to police family liaison officers.

"It is really important that we are clear about the scale of the challenge facing us as our teams search Grenfell Tower to recover those people still inside and return them to their loved ones".

"Let's get the technical advice properly evaluated by a public inquiry and then let's decide how to go forward". Residential accommodation, such as tower blocks, was under the control of the local authority.

The devastating incident that took place nearly a week ago on the 14th of June still haunts the people who witnessed it first hand; the residents who not only lost their homes and their belongings but also lost their lives.

Anger is rising against British authorities over safety failings and a widely perceived slow release of information.

Around 70 people are missing, according to Britain's Press Association, and identification of the victims is proving very hard.

The latest figures from NHS England show that 17 patients are now being treated in four London hospitals.

Cundy said the "complex" and "exhaustive" inquiry will focus on a range of issues including how the building was constructed, a recent refurbishment of it, how it is managed and maintained and fire safety measures.

Her government is trying to make up ground in reacting to a fire that trapped people in their beds in the early hours of Wednesday, with many unable to escape as the flames raced up the building, cutting off exit routes and forcing some to jump.

The Government has announced a minute's silence to remember those who lost their lives and all those affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower. The 24-story tower that once housed up to 600 people in 120 apartments is now a charred ruin.

Being relieved of responsibility is hugely embarrassing for a council that is the wealthiest in the country and sits on a £270 million reserve.

More than 3 million pounds ($3.8 million) has been raised for victims of the London high-rise fire that has killed at least 30 people and left dozens homeless.

Numerous displaced are living in churches and community centers.

Some 110 families are reported to have been given temporary accommodation by in hotels within the local area.

Controversy is also erupting over the Grenfell Tower's exterior cladding, with two British ministers saying the cladding used in a recent renovation may have been banned under United Kingdom building regulations.

King also said that there are around 4,000 tower blocks in the United Kingdom without automatic fire sprinkler protection systems in place.

Shortly after the fire had died down, news of residents being saved by Muslim residents emerged after several said they were woken by people who were up for suhoor.

London highrise fire: Police say 79 people are dead or missing