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Northam wins Democratic nomination for governor

20 Juin 2017

Polling leading into Tuesday had Perriello, who jumped in to the race in January, even with Northam, who locked down the entire statewide Democratic apparatus more than a year ago.

Perriello joined the race late and quickly earned the support of national figures like Vermont Sen. He narrowly beat Stewart in Northern Virginia and Richmond while Stewart won handily in rural and exurban areas. That is to say, the number or Republicans who came out to vote in today's primary (363K) was dwarfed by the turnout during the 2016 Primary when Trump won with 356K votes with a total of over 1 million Republicans coming out.

Vogel is a former attorney for the Republican National Committee who advises clients on political election law and other issues. Channeling Trump, Stewart frequently called Gillespie "Establishment Ed".

Mr. Stewart sprinted toward Mr. Trump, making immigration a centerpiece of his campaign, and accused Mr. Gillespie of running away from the president.

"I can't recall any of the issues, I hate to admit", he said.

Of course there's many variables: Trump could find some way to come back into favor and an off-election year usually fails to attract the much-needed Democratic party base.

There were roughly 366,000 votes cast in the Republican primary, and just short of 543,000 cast in the Democratic primary.

With more than 98 percent of precincts reporting, Gillespie had a razor-thin lead over Stewart, who refused to concede the race. By comparison, about 362,000 people cast ballots in the Republican race.

"The populist, Trumpian message has significant support in swing states and majority support in red states in GOP primaries", Miller told BuzzFeed News. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.).

But it may be more accurate to view the race through the lens of each man's endorsements - Northam racked up nods from Democratic Virginia legislators like current Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Sen.

On the Republican side, front-runner Ed Gillespie, a moderate Washington insider, is trying to fend off under-funded but spirited campaigns from avid Trump supporter Corey Stewart and state Sen.

The most crowded GOP primary was a six-way contest for outgoing Del.

Perriello congratulated Northam in a phone call a little before 8:30 p.m. Northam's campaign had been expecting about 320,000 voters, similar to the last contested Democratic primary in 2009.

Welcome to the Oldest Political News Web Site on The Internet. He said he was drawn to Perriello after watching his town hall meetings online.

Residents all over Virginia took to the polls to vote in the commonwealth's primary elections Tuesday.

Many voters, though, flocked to Northam because of his experience in the General Assembly as a state senator and lieutenant governor.

So there is the choice for voters this Tuesday.

"Corey, he likes attention so I think he takes controversial stances and I don't know if he believes it", said Chapman, who is 39 and self-employed.

Northam, a pediatric neurologist, ran as a pragmatist with the state's Democratic establishment's firm support.

That means expanding Medicaid, protecting abortion rights, stopping hatred coming from Washington and trying to stop gerrymandering, Northam said. "I trust his dedication to all Virginians", Lee said of Northam. He's accused Gillespie of trying to mislead voters with unrealistic promises to cut taxes as governor, while calling for a gas tax increase himself to pay for transportation projects.

"We want you to be part of our effort", Gillespie said, adding that Virginia can not afford another four years with a Democrat as governor.

The campaign included personally contentious allegations from Reeves that Vogel and her husband were behind an email last fall alleging he had an affair with a campaign aide, which he has denied and said is defamatory.

He said people have been asking him if he would continue McAuliffe's policies if elected governor.

Northam wins Democratic nomination for governor