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Saudi-Turkish ties strained over differing views on Qatar

19 Juin 2017

The report noted that Trump has been in business with the Saudis for 20 years, since he sold ownership of the Plaza Hotel to a Saudi prince and has one golf course in the United Arab Emirates with another on the way. Iran and Turkey are now providing Qatar's required food supplies.

Qatar's isolation by a number of Arab states in the region is directed against its sovereignty.

Several other states in the region scaled back diplomatic relations with the country. (2017). Egypt: Gulf siege against Qatar should include Turkey.

But the consequences of the latest spat "could be much bloodier, especially as the two countries support rival rebel factions in areas already marked by a great degree of opposition infighting and regime violence such as the Eastern Ghouta", Lefevre said. Many Erdogan supporters fear that he could be the next target by the USA after the Qatari emir.

"So far Kuwait hasn't received any demands from any GCC nations or even a list of the so-called accusations", Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman said on Saturday in an interview with Qatar TV. So far, the dispute between Doha and nations led by Saudi Arabia has yet to shake that partnership, though cracks are showing in the responses from the U.S. administration.

Now analysts warn Turkey's unquestioning support for Qatar might have serious repercussions. Again, the blockade is considered a serious threat to stop the operations and business of such companies due to the political stands of their country of origin., initiated by interfaith group The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, aims to rally tens of millions of Americans to urge Trump and Congress to follow the lead set by other Arab nations, including USA ally Saudi Arabia, and increase pressure on Qatar over its support of terror. Saudi Arabia unilaterally severed its diplomatic ties with Iran after protests in front of its diplomatic premises in the cities of Tehran and Mashhad against Nimr's execution. Turkey and Qatar both provided support for the elected Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt that was toppled in 2013 by military leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, now Egypt's president.

Saudi-Turkish ties strained over differing views on Qatar