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Trump signs order for more apprentices

19 Juin 2017

President Donald Trump is ordering more money and a bigger role for private companies in designing apprenticeship programs meant to fill some of the 6 million open jobs in the U.S.

His executive order shifts more taxpayer money into apprenticeships, allowing people to learn while they earn a paycheck.

Replicating the German apprenticeship model in the USA would require nothing short of a revolution. Enlarging the pool is an idea that has bipartisan support.

There are "millions of good jobs that lead to great careers" that do not require four-year university degrees and those people avoid "the massive debt that often comes with those four-year degrees". "Those can be factors, but they don't have to be". "I'm not saying [regulations] are the main driver of the low apprenticeship numbers in the United States", he says.

The new program, overseen by the Department of Labor, will cost an estimated $200 million and fill some six million vacant jobs in the country.

The U.S. has the unusual combination of a low labor force participation rate, along with an terrible lot of unfilled jobs, particularly in skilled trade areas. Democrats have stressed the need to train Americans for the jobs that are available, and Hillary Clinton, Trump's 2016 opponent, made pushing apprenticeship programs a part of her campaign. Instead, they could be overseen by third parties like companies, unions, and industry groups.

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta speaks during the daily.

Critics immediately questioned whether the quality of such programs would suffer without more accountability.

The Obama Administration failed to push these programs with the vigor that President Trump and his administration have shown.

However, the federal program also includes a range of standards created to ensure the quality of the work and learning experience, in addition to protecting apprentices.

A senior Administration official noted during the briefing that the government is channeling billions of dollars into job training programs - in fiscal year 2017 spending on these programs totaled $16.7 billion before Pell grants - that he says have not effectively helped the American worker.

Employers are responsible for paying apprentices' wages and mentoring them on the job. "South Carolina has seized the opportunity to enhance business engagement, to educate and empower job seekers, and ultimately to provide businesses with skilled workers".

The president wants students to be able to use federal student aid for a wide variety of "earn while you learn" programs, including apprenticeships, the White House officials said. We don't want to talk too quickly.

Lerman says reducing the requirements for registered programs might make a difference in the number of employers who adopt them. "There needs to be a robust public work-force system that includes basic skills training", as well as access to child care and transportation help for people returning to work. An 8,000 hour program, apprentices work on the job 40 hours per week and are required to attend school, during the regular school year, two nights a week for three hours each night.

Gov. Scott Walker once told then-candidate Donald Trump "we don't need an apprentice in the White House". We can not allow the American people to be scammed by organizations that rake in million dollars in profit from vulnerable students and give them a shoddy education in return.

"Use available funding to promote apprenticeships, focusing in particular on expanding access to and participation in apprenticeships among students at accredited secondary and post-secondary educational institutions, including community colleges; expanding the number of apprenticeships in sectors that do not now have sufficient apprenticeship opportunities; and expanding youth participation in apprenticeships".

Trump signs order for more apprentices