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Trump's business ties in Persian Gulf raise questions about his allegiances

19 Juin 2017

Algiers, which enjoys strong ties with Saudi kingdom, UAE and Qatar, has adopted a neutral position on the crisis and called for dialogue to defuse the tension.

A day after announcing that Tillerson would lead the USA delegation to the OAS General Assembly in Cancun, the State Department said Friday that Tillerson's deputy, John Sullivan, will go in his place.

While tensions between Qatar and other states in the region have always been brewing, the move by Saudi Arabia and some six other countries to sever ties with and impose a blockade against Qatar has obviously taken the worldwide community by surprise, and no one at this stage can say for sure what is behind it all. As Dr Sultan Al Jaber, the Minister of State, said: "For 22 years Qatar has adopted policies that undermine regional and global security". They are also perturbed by the fact that Qatar has maintained open relations with Iran, Saudi Arabia's adversary in the region.

A handout picture provided by the Saudi Royal Palace on May 20, 2017, shows US President Donald Trump (2nd-R) and Saudi Arabia's King Salman (L) dancing with swords at a welcome ceremony ahead of a banquet at the Murabba Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The statement, quoting an unnamed official, said Saudi Arabia "does not need such thing", adding that its armed forces and military capabilities were "at the best standards".

The minister, Adel al-Jubeir, told journalists in London that Qatar should respond to demands to halt its support for "extremism and terrorism" which, he said, were being made by the whole world and not just Gulf states. "We are still in the phase and let's hope they are wise and understand that it's in its best interest.what we are doing", he said. Moreover, Qatar hosts the regional headquarters for the U.S. Central Command, which includes a state-of-the-art air base the Pentagon depends on to target Islamic State. However, Washington has been sending mixed messages.

Some weeks ago Gulf countries took a decision to severe all and any ties with Qatar over the wealthy nation's alleged support of terrorism, directly or indirectly. "We ask Qatar, and other nations in the region to do more and do it faster".

On Thursday, the United States agreed to a $12 billion warplane sale to Qatar, reaffirming its support.

Trump's business ties in Persian Gulf raise questions about his allegiances